Am looking for some good congregational songs on unity, but don't really find any that work. The only one that comes to mind is "Bind us together Lord" which has good words but sorry, the music is terrible and dated. Has anyone written any different music to those words? Am grateful for suggestions. thanks

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How about "Give Us Clean Hands"?
Great song, thankyou for replying Pamela
They're a little tough, but I use Tomlin's, "Holy is the Lord" WE stand and lift up OUR hands...

and I wrote an original. Attached is the mp3 if you want to check it out. simple garage band recording, but you get the idea. let me know if you want a chart.
thankyou very much Jeremy for this, I will listen to it and comment again! God bless you
Here's one our prior worship leader wrote for our church when he couldn't find one he liked. The recording is kind of rough and cut off at then end but you'll get the picture. There is no copyright issue with this. He gave all rights to our church to use however we saw fit.

Verse 1:
We are a family in Jesus
and we believe it's good
to sing His praises in this place
We share the love of God between us
and we can see the changes
in our hearts because of grace

(Se we're) Reaching out
Off'ring Christ
Living the love of God
Every moment of our lives
Sharing joy
Sharing pain
Helping one another
along this road of faith
We are a family in grace
We are a family in grace

Verse 2:
We are a family in Jesus
and we believe He lives within us
and bids forgiveness to all
We share the hope of God between us
and we've received the goodness
of His mercy in our hearts
What fantastic words, thankyou for sharing I will listen to this and get back to you! God bless you Pete
Check out 'One Mind and One Accord' here:
Nice song Ken! I like a lot of your other songs too.
Thanks Pete. I hate plugging one of my songs, and almost didn't say anything, but then I thought, why not? God gives us all a 'word, song, testimony, etc' and if we don't share, we could rob someone of a blessing. It's not anything I can boast about anyway, as life and talent comes from God alone. Praise God for His goodness!
I certainly will, thankyou for being so generous everyone in this forum, I am new here and am really blessed already. God bless you Ken I will check later and get back to you again.
There really are precious few songs about that at the moment.

If you're after something appropriate for all ages, check out "Come you thankful people" from Resound worship -

It focusses on us coming together to praise God, as he's three in one himself.


Thanks Kieran, and that's another theme too, the trinity, not too many songs that mention that either , although Splendour of the King and There is a Redeemer do that very well. God bless


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