Am looking for some good congregational songs on unity, but don't really find any that work. The only one that comes to mind is "Bind us together Lord" which has good words but sorry, the music is terrible and dated. Has anyone written any different music to those words? Am grateful for suggestions. thanks

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A song that is good musically is never "dated" (so, yes, I agree with you -- the music was terrible when it was new, but we learned to like it, because there weren't many songs specifically on the subject of Unity.  Special subjects, like Unity or Mother's Day, or Missions, tend to bring out the worst in composers.

But when you begin to explore subjects such as Love, Communion, Reconciliation, you will find a wealth of music.

For example:

"Better Is One Day" is a very fine song derived from Psalm 84 (and probably Psalm 122 as well), which gives you a front-door view of a church living in unity.

"The Gift of Love" (408 in the Methodist Hymnal, the melody is "The Water is Wide") is 1st Corinthians 13, essentially, which is about unity, if anything ever was.  "Jesu, Jesu" (Tom Colvin, using a Ghanian folk tune) and "Cuando El Pobre" (When the Poor Ones who have nothing share with strangers) are all about sharing, washing each other's feet, loving -- the core of unity).  These songs lend themselves more to acoustic guitar than commercial rock -- but who says all your songs have to be rock?  There are no style police, in this country, at least (except self-appointed ones -- and when Unity happens, the style police will be out of a job, because people will have learned to appreciate each others' styles).  So a song about unity could even deliberately go outside the bounds of "normal" and become a special song that has elements in common to your entire church body.  You might even COMPOSE on yourself, or have a Sunday School class, or even the whole church together, compose one.  The possibilities are endless, a wide-open field, because there are so few "unity" songs around.

"The Wonderful Cross" is another good one.  "Spirit Song" (John Wimber) is too beautiful to be dated.  Songs that bring you to the Cross bring you together, because disunity crumbles at the Cross.  "My Tribute", aimed at glory to God only (Andrae Crouch) is a great song in this area.  Don't be afraid to get old.  Real unity is old -- there has been a continuous thread of unity for thousands of years among God's people (or there wouldn't be a church!),  I've got a song called "Reconciliation" on my Profile on this site that is somewhat contemporary in character; you might check it out.

This is a beautiful request you make.  People keep bringing me new songs to sing in church they've heard on the radio (when does a leader ever get to choose his own?)  They're fine songs, songs full of mountains and sunsets and crosses, thunder and lightning, and dancing and joy and resolution to stick with God, and close intimacy or cosmic throes of worship; but rarely do I see songs that really center in directly on unity.  Psalm 133 is the finest expression (anointing oil running down Aaron's beard), but is kind of gooey for a contemporary worship song; Ephesians 3 & 4 say it all, but are a bit lengthy.

Well, I've said enough - I'll bet while I've been writing someone's come on here with a good song or two for you.

For I'm building a people of power

It's in songs of fellowship book 1 or 2 I think.

I've just finished a song called 'We Are One' but I wouldnt be bold enough to put it in the 'good' category. You can listen and download for free here

Just in case you want the chord sheet for 'We Are One'...


Hi Joe - I am new to this site and found this thread on google looking for Christian Songs about Unity. 

I am loving this song and wondering if I could have permission to use it.  I am the music coordinator for a women's conference this Sept in the USA (Wisconsin) and the theme is Together We are One - STRONG.  About 300-400 women will be in attendance.  I thought this would be a great song and message to teach to the women and I love doing originals vs covers when ever possible.  I am not completely sure if they will have me pick the music or if they will have someone else leading the singing even though I am fully capable but I would love to try and get this on the song list   Hope to hear from you.  You can reach me directly at

Hi Alicia,
Welcome to Worship The Rock! Yes, I am happy for you to use the song.

I'm sure you have already seen that the soundcloud version is free to download which may be useful if sharing the song with others.

Let me know if you want me to send you the chords via email.

It would be great to hear back how the conference went and if the song was used how it was received, I'm always thirsty for constructive feedback!

All the best, Joe

Thank you so much.  That is awesome.  I would love the  chord chart you have.  I will be happy to let you know if I have had influence in the music and how it goes.  Have  an awesome weekend.

For reporting purposes We Are One is registered with CCLI, Song Number: 7025883

I will not this on the lyrics too.  Perfect!

Barry Segal wrote one a ways back called "You've Joined our Hearts" sung to the tune of "Ma Na'avu."


You've joined our hearts, You've called us together

We worship You in unity  (2x)


If Your will be done, then we will be one

And we all will live in Your family  (2x)


This is the melody.

I have an awesome song for unity - Undivided by First Call.  I realize this is an old thread but thought I would add because this song is too wonderful

Undivided - First Call"

We may worship different ways
We may praise him

and yet spend All of our days living life divided
But when we seek him with open hearts
He removes the walls we built
That keep up apart
We trust him to unite us

In our hearts we're undivided
Worshipping one Saviour, one Lord
In our hearts we're undivided

Bound by His Spirit Forevermore


It doesn’t matter if we agree
All he asks is that we serve him faithfully
And love as he first loved us
He made us in him image
And in his eyes, we are all the same
And though our methods they may be different
Jesus is the bond that will remain


In our hearts we're undivided
Worshipping one Saviour, one Lord
In our hearts we're undivided

Bound by His Spirit Forevermore


In our hearts we're undivided
Worshipping one Saviour, one Lord.
In our hearts we're undivided

Bound by His Spirit Forevermore



Its an oldie but we occasionally still play  "They Will Know we are Christians"

We do a sorta reggae version and the congregation likes it and actually sings



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