If there are any jazz lovers at WTR, here a link to my version of "O Jazz O Jazz Emmanuel". Hope you like it.

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I love Jazz I do some giging as a Jazz drumming and this sounds great.
This is wonderful!!!  I wouldn't say that I love jazz, but learning my instrument from a jazz musician/composer gave me a much greater appreciation of it than I had earlier.  Sometime this weekend  I'll play along with this and try to 'follow the changes'.  The past few Christmas seasons I've been trying to get the others to try out "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" in 5/4 time and all I get are blank stares.

Great arrangement, Mark. I loved it!



To me, it would be so great to have some jazz in church.  A few, such as Israel Houghton, are not afraid to incorporate jazz idiom in their music; but the stigma of "secular" is strong, at least in my part of the world.  Finding a percussionist who can move outside of rock or country, and musicians who can handle the harmonies, is a challenge.


Perhaps its day is coming.

I love the kind of stuff that Israel houghton dose as well. I think people are sometimes to scares to be truly creative in worship. your arrangement...Thanks.



Love the arrangement, double bass, everything. Wow.


Don't know too much about jazz but I am being educated by a musician who has a history in jazz.  I am on with my very first jazz standard at the moment. I thought it was going to be impossible for me - the jazz chords and all that - it's a challenge, but I am loving it.


I remember once when I was backing a worship leader, who also has a passion for jazz, who went into singing and playing in the Spirit. It went on for ages - I have to add it was totally appropriate for the congregation at this particular venue - and to me this was an experience of pure jazz worship. The sheer depth of it was something I will always remember.


Those chord extensions are wild, but well worth it.  And singing in the Spirit through a jazz-permeated mind -- just imagining it is wonderful.
Jazz is my fav genre of music.  Hope there will be more Christian Jazz music with vocals and lyrics that aren't blues or soul.  I think expansion is needed.
Can you picture telling the devil to "scat" in jazz idiom?
I have a few ideas.


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