Between our Saturday night services, the church holds a dinner. While the tech crew was chowing down a visitor to our church said

Apparently you're one of those churches that doesn't allow for any artistic expression in the fonts that you use.

Which threw us for a bit of a loop as fonts isn't normally what people complain about... The truth is, we do standardize our fonts - for readability, of course... The artists who produce our announcement graphics have a bit more leeway, but they're expected to make sure that everything can be easily read.

The TD did explain this to the guy, but you know, that doesn't matter, we're being draconian.

This is, quite honestly, one of the best complaints I've heard in a long while. Certainly is unique.

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Ha!  That's a good story.  I had one of those "next time play something everybody knows" moments.

I was in the keys player in the band for a conference that was in town.  The preacher was one of those types that wants music playing under his (I'm not joking here) sometimes 45 minute conclusions alter call things.  My tactic was simple, vamp vaguely through some of the different songs that we had done that already done.  I did this for two nights.

At the end of the second night he pulled me aside and asked that I play "something that everybody knows, like hymns"

So Wednesday night I show up with my hymn book and do popular hymns.  I received the same critique.  So I asked him what he wanted me to play for night number four... He goes through the hymn book and picks hymns that I had never heard before and even noted that my hymn book must be from some off beat publisher... and at that point, I had played in a variety of traditional and contemporary churches for about 20 years or more.  

The last night we're at dinner and he talks about his church history.  As it turned out, he was from Utah and had only recently converted to Christianity from Mormonism.  

Not on my list, no.

For a second there, I thought you were making a joke.  But thanks to YouTube, I'm smarter now.


How about the slides font? Got me to thinking...........

I did not think about that for more than a half a

If that is all people can complain about, I'd say you have a very good church! :D

oh brother, its always something!


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