Please share your weekly worship set lists here - thanks!

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Hello CJ,
Just in case you're interested in who wrote these--

"I will give u all my worship-unknown"
Are you talking about "I will worship----with all of my heart.....". If so it was written by David Ruis and is called "You're Worthy of My Praise"

I love ur presence-
The one in 6/8 time that begins with "In the glory of Your Presence..." was written by Darren Clarke and Jessie Lane who at the time were worship leaders at Five Cities Vineyard in Arroyo Grande, CA. It was first on 'the burn service' cd (one of my all time favorite worship cd's!) and has been redone by many others.

Very nice set here!
hey micheal!!

I will give...... is the one the golden oldie....... i wil give u all my praise, u alone i long to worship..." I love ur presence is one of my all time favourites. Culd u let me no were i culd find this burn service cd.

God Bless

I have to get ready for work now, but will post a link when I get home tonight.

ok--here's a link to the cd

from another source

here's a link to the mp3

you can hear samples of it all as well.----and yes--the 'I will give u all my worship' is the one by David Ruis
Thanks Micheal! I listened to the samples, itis pretty awesome!!!! Have u heard Bethel church's version of I luv ur presence?
Been a while since I've chimed in on the set lists.

4- 4-10
- Our God Saves
- Jesus Saves
- A New Hallelujah
- Jesus Paid It All
- Mighty To Save
- You Are My King
- God With Us
- Fire Fall Down
- Glorious King
- Lord of All
- In The Middle

4 -18-10
- Glorify the Lamb
- Burning Ones
- Hosanna (Hillsong)
- The More I Seek You
Can't wait to do Burning Ones! That song will be on our list in the next 2 weeks. Can't Wait!
A--Meet With Me--Lamont Hiebert
C--Hungry--Kathryn Scott
A--Trading My Sorrows--Darrell Evans
B--Draw Me Close--Kelly Carpenter--as done by Kutless
F--Here I Am To Worship--Tim Hughes
C--How Great Is Our God--Chris Tomlin and I don't remember who else
Late to the party here, haven't added our setlists in awhile.

Week of 4/4 Easter

Christ the Lord is Risen Today - Trad. (C)
Jesus Messiah - Tomlin (G to A)
Above All - Baloche/Leblanc (A)
Christ is Risen - Riddle (A)

Week of 4/11
The Wonderful Cross - Tomlin (D)
Trading My Sorrows - Evans (A)
Our Faith is in You - original (A)
To All Generations - original (G)
It Is Well With My Soul - Trad. (C)

Week of 4/18
Friend of God - Houghton (C)
Beautiful One - Hughes (C)
You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) - Imboden/Rhoton (G)
Beautiful - Wickham (C) NEW for this week
In the Secret - Park (G)

Week of 4/25
Come Thou Fount of Ev'ry Blessing - Trad. (D to E)
All For You - Baloche (G)
Take My Life - Underwood (G)
Beautiful - Wickham (C)
Glorified - Anderson (A)
Surrender - James (G)
We ran short versions of the first four songs together in E (open chords) because we were limited time wise... Great morning of Praise/Worship!!!

Garments of Praise
I Could Sing of Your Love...
I Will Celebrate
I Love You, Lord
Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear) - Am/C
Shout to the North - F
(I Have Decided) - C
So this week, Carrie was sick, and so my friend Brittney stepped in to sing with me. She doesn't do as many harmonies, but has a great voice nevertheless. She's also a big Hillsong United fan, so I switched the set around to make it easier on her (she only had one days notice, and one practice to get ready to sing). We did:

Hallelujah! (Your Love is Amazing) - Brenton Brown and Brian Doerksen
Never Will - Tim Timmons (Great Song, I like playing it at a little faster tempo than the recording)
Mighty to Save - Hillsong
From the Inside Out - Hillsong
Hosanna - Hillsong (Brittney did a great job leading this one)
The Heart of Worship - Matt Redman

We closed the service with prayer and instead of leading congregational worship, I played a couple of recorded songs with the lights low and people coming up for prayer. Those were:

I Belong - Kathryn Scott
In the Valley - Sovereign Grace (from the CD "In the Valley of Vision")

This worked really well.

We have a flute player joining us this week!! Rehearsal was fantastic with that and sax working off each other on a couple tunes.

Final order of songs for Sunday:

A--Blessed Be Your Name--Beth & Matt Redman--using the 'controversial' lyrics
Bb mod to C--Days of Elijah--Robin Mark
B--Draw Me Close--Kelly Carpenter, as done by Kutless
F#m--Take Me In--Dave Browning, as done by Kutless
D--Be The Centre--Michael Frye--1st time done here
C mod to D--Be Unto Your Name--Lynn DeShazo & Gary Sadler


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