I was in the check out line and the person in front of me had a total of $6.66. She freaked and quickly grabbed a pack of gum to change the amount. My son was born on 7 June 2006 and people asked us if we were worried that he be born on the 6th. Many conservative American Christians thought that Pres. Ronald Wilson Reagan was the Anti-Christ because there are 6 letters in each of his names (ironically enough when he moved to Bel-Air, CA he had his addressed changed from 666 to 668).

I've studied Eschatology quite a bit, and from what I've seen, this fear seems to be missing the point. Have any of you encountered this?

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I used to suffer from this when Hal Lindsay's book The Late, Great Planet Earth first came out in the sixties, but I've since undergone extensive rehabilitation. Now I just hate the number 100 - it reminds me of too many things, like 1) I'll never live that long 2) that's my gas bill every time I pull up to a pump with my truck 3) it's a mockery as a wedding, grad, or birthday gift 4) 100 Km per hour sounds fast until you realize it's only 60 mph.
I think that Canadians drive slow in the US and USians drive slow in Canada because we're all too busy trying to do the math in our heads! Kudos for us for not jumping on the metric system bandwagon just to be like everyone else. If France jumped off a bridge would we jump, too? Though it doesn't help our rep much that it's called the Imperial System...
This was crackin me up. Yes I have those numbers in my SS and was even told by my mom it was the sign of the devil. (personally I think she was trying to give an answer why I was so bad before i was saved. *chuckle*) The idea that you will be invoking the devil by having 666 in anything you own or name wise is kinda wackey.
Though I have heard of a church in Fla where they embrace the number and people have it tatooed on their bodies. (mind you they are being led astray because their pastor teaches there is no such thing as sin) Now THAT----I believe is wrong.
Hey, Frances...funny about your mom doing that.
I've heard of that church in Florida. If I'm not mistaken, their pastor also believes and preaches that he is their savior. Very sad that people are being led astray in that manner.
I have six guitars. All have six strings, my amp volume is set to 6. Am I doomed?
Sounds like it! LOL
Over here in Singapore, even the non-Christians freak out over this. Leads to funny results, especially when they expect me to lead in the freaking. :)

Anyway, I don't think there's anything wrong with a kid being born on the 6th of June. I have this theory that people born on the 6th of the month end up more good-looking, intelligent, witty, charming and romantic. :) But that's a different topic entirely!
When I was at uni, we had a guy come to speak at our CU.

He told us that the 3 long bars on Barcodes on supermarket products are the same thickness as the ones that represent the number 6.

Therefore, any item with a barcode on it, he said, bears the mark of the beast and should be avoided by Christians.

Yeah, I have heard this one before
It is a number that will cometimes come up, as at the grocery store or a page in a book. That is normal. But I don't think I would accept it being a number 'in my face' constantly, as on my Liscence plates or something like that. I would definately have it changed. If I happen to meet someone who has had it tattooed to his forehead, I would probaly not choose to keep that company,
I often notice on Youtube that people have 666 in their username and comment on Christian worship songs - negatively - that upsets me..... grr
I think people who associate intentionally with the number as a means to 'be' anti-christ.....are definately people to avoid. However, it is often a childish thing. Also, there are many people who think they are 'cool' for dabbling in what they 'think' is witchcraft, to try to impress their freinds or whatever. Some of these people use the number also as part of their identifying. This is also stupid and imature. I am sure many children who are Harry Potter lovers will eventually find their way into that if they do not turn toward the light instead.


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