I was in the check out line and the person in front of me had a total of $6.66. She freaked and quickly grabbed a pack of gum to change the amount. My son was born on 7 June 2006 and people asked us if we were worried that he be born on the 6th. Many conservative American Christians thought that Pres. Ronald Wilson Reagan was the Anti-Christ because there are 6 letters in each of his names (ironically enough when he moved to Bel-Air, CA he had his addressed changed from 666 to 668).

I've studied Eschatology quite a bit, and from what I've seen, this fear seems to be missing the point. Have any of you encountered this?

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I think that children you decide to dabble in "real" witchcraft after reading Harry Potter are going to be disappointed.

Where are all the flying broomsticks and cool wands? What do you mean there's no Hogwarts?!
And they are going to say "What??!?? You mean there is REAL work in this? They didn't say so in the movie..." :D
The first Christmas tree I bought cost $6.25 (this was 1976, and it was a small tree). The tax brought the price up to...
lol :-)
I once had it pointed out to me that the number 7 represents perfection in biblical terms, and repetitions of 3s strengthen the point being made.

so 666 is falling short of the perfection of 777.

Again - not sure if that's just a wishful thinking way of explaining it, or whether it has firm scholarly grounds.... Anyone else better informed?
What I was told (seriously) is that since Man was made on the 6th day, 6 represents Man. So three 6s would mean some highly exalted humanism.

Personally I am quite skeptical about what some people call bible numeralogy. They try to impose significance on all the numbers of the Bible, and sometimes they come up with weird stuff. Like for example that the number 5 means grace. I keep asking why would 5 mean grace. Wouldn't it refer to the law? Since the first 5 books of the Bible are refered to as the law?

You could see the computer hanging when I asked that question... :)
One of the funniest things I ever saw written on a bathroom wall at a bar was "664 Neighbor of the Beast."
I like that! :)


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