I was having a discussion with our Senior pastor this am. He made the comment " the new songs we sing, are becoming more and more complicated" His point was, its hard to remember the lyrics and sing along. He was wondering if it made sense to mix in some updated older songs? Simple songs, easy to remember. 

What do you think ?

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I love all of the comments on this topic. I also love that our congregations are so diverse!!! Our God is very creative!

We have three services at our church and each service is a bit different. We have two "Traditional" services - hymns and lots of liturgy. This service works great for a large portion of our congregation and I am blessed every time I attend one of them.

We have one "Contemporary" service (this is the one I play guitar in) and this one meets the "needs" of about half of our congregation. This service is modern worship music and less liturgy.

Hymns can be quite complicated both musically and lyrically. But there is something about them that holds true after all of these years.

What I find with modern worship music is if the song is simple and repetitive, it should not go on forever. I find it best to play a song, then go right into the simple repetitive song then out of that into another song without breaking. If we are just going to play the simple repetitive song on its own, we will make the song speak emotionally...have a certain mood if you catch my drift...

Agreed that not all good songs for worship are good congregational songs, but...

1) Some congregations are more able to pick up on complex musical line than others.  Esp. when that newer complex musical line chord pattern is used frequently.  Then the congregation develops an "ear" through familiarity for that music.

2) What frustrates me is when the verse is more of a solo and the chorus is more congregational.  In fact, if I really want to do a song that is like that, sometimes I'll appoint one of our vocalists to lead out on the verses, and then I have the congregation join me in the chorus.


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