I just want to get a view of how many of the 9,000 some members actually come by the forum. Comment if you came here and read this, please.

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still around....

I'm here. Any particular reason why you want to know?

I take a look at the site almost every day, but rarely sign in or comment these days.

Lastime I checked, I was here.  Ayehp.  Still here.

I'm like Lorraine . . . I come by a couple times a week but rarely sign in anymore


I visit weekly. Looking for new discussions, new songs, new idea's, where revival has sprung up, new anything...

Checking in.

I'm still here!
Still (occasionally) here.
Still still here! Please check out the Time to Believe poem here http://ow.ly/DW0sA

A good poem for Christmas services...

Are all of the administrators still active?  


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