I just want to get a view of how many of the 9,000 some members actually come by the forum. Comment if you came here and read this, please.

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I think phil is on every so often. Probably the song contest was their last main activity.

Hi! I am here and posting. My name's Zach and I mainly play bass but occasionally acoustic and electric guitar. God Bless.

Looks like about 10 people use the board regularly then, plus those who blog their particular theology.

Here.  I stop by once or twice a week ....

We are likely jaded by the ceaseless requests for verification on Facebook ("Imsittinghereallaloneafteralongdayatworkandnobody"likes"meeverybodyignoresmeandI'mgoing toeatgreenwormsunlessyoureplywithsomethingwarmandfuzzyonmystatus")

that we simply glided over this discussion.  Rick, you are real, we are really here,and you are our valued friend!  Perhaps another reason is that it's not easy on a standard keyboard to generate one of those little X's-in-a-box that say that we are Here:)'

Each discussion has a counter just above the comments and replies, which tells you how many views it has.  I think you can draw your conclusions from that.  And, yet, I still keep checking back....

I check every week or two, but seems slow lately compared to a year ago...

I'm alive :-)  

Some of the others are less active at the moment but all good!

I'm probably the newest member to the site - All is well in New Zealand. I'm looking forward to watching the site.

Hi Des - hope you're not disappointed with the funny residual crew here. ;-)

I guess we're not likely to get a post from some of the 'popular recorded' members confirming an active presence here. :-/



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