I just want to get a view of how many of the 9,000 some members actually come by the forum. Comment if you came here and read this, please.

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Relatively new to the site, but checking in. Still discovering and learning about the WTR community. 


I'm here also. I wasn't for a while, but now i'm back. Think i'll stay a while.

I'm here too

Not been on for ages but I'm here now!

I just joined and found this by happenstance.  Seems pretty quiet on this site. What is the best way to meet others without being too invasive.  Have met two very interesting members.  Looking forward to meeting more.

Welcome Alicia! Best way is probably to post a discussion in the forum about something relevant to you and see what help/comments come your way :-)


Thanks for your suggestion


I go through cycles on here and it until this week haven't been on in awhile.

I'm still looking in but feeling a little out of it as not currently a worship band musician.   May rejoin church band but would rather be playing songs about Jesus to non-Christians.    

Vic, stay active on the site. whether you a apart of a worship team or in your own ministry to the unchurched, this site will benefit & encourage you because even tho you are a unique human, your situation is shared my many. Your experiences are worth sharing & the feedback from others will keep you moving forward.

Keep well Vic.


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