I just want to get a view of how many of the 9,000 some members actually come by the forum. Comment if you came here and read this, please.

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Yes, I agree.  I have read your posts over the years Vic and you have an awful lot to give.  When I used to post regularly, I was never in a band at all, but did my music independently or with a pool of musicians, whenever I was needed.  Yes, I have to admit, I more often than not felt 'out of it'.  I guess I thought people would be sick of hearing my ranting and raving and I so often I felt like a hypocrite. Mind you, people on the site never ever made me feel 'out of it', that was down to me.

Your hope of playing songs about Jesus to non-Christians is a wonderful vision, to which I can totally relate.  

God Bless Vic. Keep those comments coming and keep that hope alive.

There may only be a handful still active on this site, however people are still finding it & joining every week.

When this site first launched it would've been a fresh option for many hence the 9000 members at it's peek.

Even tho they are most likely not active, lets start encouraging them to look in, make a comment, add feedback etc.

9000 is a drop in a bucket when we consider the many worshippers, musicians, leaders in churches each week.

I joined recently & went through discussions, or groups I could identify with, then I thought I would enlarge my friend list & started adding folk. I added all those from NZ, then some songwriting groups etc. Well, I got up to 100 adds in a short while then the site said I could only have 100 friend requests active at a time. So I waited…..

Well, I have as of today, 39 friends & 96 still waiting on replies.

Basically this tells me that the majority of the 9000 have gone from being active daily, to weekly, to monthly, to never never.

I'm sure the admin team can give a true indication to the members activity, however I am encouraged that new members are joining weekly.

Let's continue to make the site relevant.

Get hold of the admin team & encourage them to continue the good work which they started.


My encouragement to the handful of us who have replied to this discussion is, lets add someone new, lets add someone old & network together.

Many musicians fall out from church, stumble & loose their way due to discouragement & offense. Toni referred to John Bevere's book on another discussion, however it is true that most don't continue to run the race that God has called us to.

I know personally & I'm sure many of us do, how hard it is to continue to run the race.

I'm sure even some of the 9000 have lost their way.

Let us find an encouraging word. Let us share it with someone we don't know & encourage them to get back up, to find a raincoat if it's been raining on them, grab some boots for their wet feet & keep walking, keep moving forward & eventually they may run again.

I tried inviting from FB per the link and it didn't work so I wonder if the link is messed up to send and invitation to check this place out.  I only found this because I was looking for some songs about unity and happened upon a thread and a composer in NZ who wrote a simple but great tune and lyric

This is an interesting place that could really be a buzz.  I love that it is international.  How awesome to chat and share the love of God and music with someone 7000 miles away.  What an awesome concept

Well said Des : )

Encouragement goes a long way and there is not enough of it in the world today.  We all need it and we would soon become very stale without it.

And Phil, thank you for this site and all you do in His name.

God Bless.  Lorraine

You always have something encouraging to say!  And now I see the reason for this post.  With all the discussion of Issues and Stuff and Trends and this and that, I'd forgotten that the basic function of a social site is Fellowship.  Most of the discussions I've been involved in seem to end up with dialogues, both serious and ridiculous fun, with a set of about twenty individuals, who have become Friends-without-the-need-to-Friend -- they are just there, chiming in when the subject becomes irresistable.  I will probably never physically meet any of you, and only know appearances through fuzzy pictures that were taken ten years ago (or twenty, like mine); but you have become as dear friends as those I see "analog".

When I first came on to the site I knew very, very little about computers or social networks, and had no idea that WTR was a social network  I basically stumbled upon it and just wanted to learn from other worship leaders. BTW I'm not on Facebook or any other social network (as far as I know), so one day when I googled my own name just for the fun of it, I was horrified to see my discussions come up!  Believe it or not, I am a very private person. I was going to leave the site, then thought, what the h...., I don't think I've written anything offensive on there.

I guess what I'm saying is that, yes Greg, I too had forgotten or never actually realised that this is a social site amongst other things, where fellowship is important.  Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks Lorraine - much appreciated. Wish I had more time to dedicate to this site as well as so many other things!

Hi all, still here? Check out this song and give some feedback...

At least 47 of us.

I'm here as well although I log in very infrequently.  To be honest, it's the sheer un-usability of this site that prevents me from visiting it more often but I do find good content here every once in a while (e.g. the new worship songs discussion thread)

Thanks for the feedback Chris. I agree - it isn't the best :-) Unfortunately a lot of it is down to the template - but please do let me know if there's anything in particular you don't like and I'll see what we can do!

Probably the worst aspect of the forum is the 'nesting' of comments. Far better to use a flat format and have people quote the posts they are replying to if there are other posts in between. Pretty much the whole world does it that way now, and those that don't usually have a switch to change format.


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