If you are anything like me, you joined this site for at least PARTIALLY self-serving reasons.  I joined so that I could post my songs, get feedback, get heard.  Pure and simple.  As a result of the requirements of the songwriting forum, I have "had" to listen to several other people's songs.  Some have been good, some have been so-so, a few have been great.  And I have used none of them in worship at my church.


I think there can be a temptation to use only the songs in church that are familiar or can be heard on the radio.  This can be crippling, however, as there are so many good songs out there that will never make it to the radio.  But some of those songs may be a perfect fit for your congregation in its present season.


Personally, I've used my own songs quite a bit.  But I've also found a few songs that are off the beaten path.  Billy and Cindy Foote have written a lot of great songs, but most have never been heard (except "You Are My King" and "Sing to the King" and "You Are God Alone").  But there seems to be a tendency to use only what is on the CCLI Top 100 or the Christian radio top 40.


I want to issue a challenge.  Over the course of the next month, make a goal of finding someone ELSE'S song on this website, learning it, and introducing it to your congregation.  Don't do this arbitrarily.  There are a lot of good songs out there, find one that fits.  Then, as an encouragement to the songwriter, shoot them an email letting them know how it went over in your church.


Who is with me?

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Thanks for the mention Charles. You did let me know you were using those songs, and it was very encouraging because I was pretty new at worship songwriting at the time. As a songwriter, I have a great appreciation for worship leaders who are willing to use a relatively unknown song from time to time. In years past, I've been fortunate to be a member of two churches which were very supportive of songwriters within the local congregation. Unfortunately, the wonderful church where I am at now doesn't have that same vision. But hey, I've still got the intternet, to help get the songs shared.

John Green

I do have to say this is convicting. If I'm honest with myself I put my music up in the Songwriter's Circle because I'd love for other churches to play them, but I'm probably not as open as I should be to play other people's songs. I did play a song called "More Than Compassion" once since it fit amazingly with our sermon that week. I found that in the Songwriter's Circle, and it's by Alex Boxall. With his permission I played it a little differently.

I think one thing working against all of us writers on this site is that there really is a proliferation of people writing good worship music out there, and I'll admit the easy way to pick songs for me is to put in my favorite Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown, Hillsong, and Lincoln Brewster songs. You put that with the songs I've written and we like to sing, and it's hard to find a spot for more.

If I may make some suggestions to some other good writers I've come across on this site, they'd be John Green, Todd Vaters(as mentioned), Lara Marriott, Kurtis Parks, and Brian Cooney. I'm sure there's more, but those are some I've had a chance to listen to. Anyone else have some suggestions?

Cameron Pruitt


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