Another post reminded me of a discussion I had with 11 other worship leaders a year ago. Someone asked "how many of you have written new worship songs?" And nearly everyone raised their hand. Then he asked " how many of you are using those songs in your churches?" And no one raised a hand.

I am guilty of this as well. I can never quite bring myself to use one of my own songs in worship, because I worry that I am not clearly judging the song, it's quality, it's value to my church, etc.

How do you handle this? Does anyone else struggle with using their own songs?

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I am what I am as a poet and song writer. It's my unique gift to the Creator, some songs are better and more singable than others but I think God accepts them all if offered with a right spirit.

My goal is to have enough songs so I can use all original songs when I lead worship and use others only occasionally.


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