In the credits on a good deal of my music is the abbreviation "Arr.", as in "Arr. by John Smith."  Does this mean the music is pirated?

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I predict a flood of pie-rat jokes. Can't stop it now, the ship has already sailed.

There are a lot of 'grey-market' chord charts on the Internet.

But if it's from CCLI, PraiseCharts or other legitimate print publisher, I'd say probably not.

The arranger's publisher has to get permission and pay for royalties and a print license from the original writer and publisher for sheet music and chord charts. If it's just a recording, no permission is needed - just pay royalties through a mechanical license...

Did you see the category "just for fun" and did you catch the pun? I fear you're missing an opportunity to make mirth.

Aye, Matey, th'most fun of all be when a landlubber comes aboard takin' it serrrrriouslike <(x|:) ::  Arrrrrh!


At least we don't have to put up with jolly Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Arrrrh!  Those laddies wrrrote many of my favorrrrite things!  And I've arrrrranged a lot of them for piano students, I must admit<|X|:)

Yo ho! That was good one!

To err is human,

To Arrrrrrrrr is pirate.

... and to moo is bovine.


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