I have noticed a few different churches putting artists on the stage during worship, it really interested me and i thought, what a great way to express worship, I found another post by a lady called "Mindy Painter" (handy name :)  anyways, id love to hear thoughts on this.

I once heard a story of someone being physically healed, the moment
they laid eyes on a painting that had been done during a time of
worship.  Wow!! How amazing is that?!  God uses art to bring healing!

A few months ago, I was asked to paint during worship—something I had
never done before.  My initial reaction was, “How can I do this? I
never paint with an audience.  What if I make a mistake?  Everyone will
be watching!”  I quickly realized that my concerns were all about my
performance and insecurities.  On the contrary, this was supposed to be
about worshiping God.  I needed to get out of the way and allow the Holy
Spirit to move and direct me.  It wasn’t about pleasing people, or
coming up with an incredible piece of art.  This was supposed to be a
selfless offering to my Savior.

Before the service, a group of us gathered to pray and get a sense of
what God might be doing.  I prayed for pictures, colors and ideas to
put on that blank canvas.  Sure enough, a simple picture repeatedly
entered my mind.  The Spirit was totally leading!!!

As the service began, I walked over to the blank canvas, which was
hanging slightly out of view, on a wall off to one side of the room. 
The music started, and all my concerns, fears, and insecurities
instantly vanished!  It was spectacular!!  With each brush stroke and
layer of paint, the Holy Spirit was leading me.  I was facing the wall,
my back to everyone, feeling such freedom, singing my heart out, raising
my hands, and PAINTING!

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the
Spirit of the Lord is, there is
[Corinthians 3:17]

How does this work practically?  No matter your skill level, I would
encourage you to try this at home.

  1. Have some worship music playing in the background.
  2. Spend some time in prayer, waiting on the Holy Spirit to guide
    you and give you pictures.
  3. Go for it!!  Do whatever type of art you most enjoy…
    drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, writing, photography,
    graphic design, sewing.  There are many options.

If you’d like to try doing art during a worship gathering, I would
recommend setting up the canvas or work area out of main sight.  I know
that it can be cool to watch art being done on stage with the band, but
it can also be incredibly distracting. At our church, we have the art
area off to one side of the room.  That way, people are able to fully
focus on God rather than watching the artist’s every move, and when they
are done engaging in worship, they can have a look at what has been
created.  Also, don’t feel the pressure to have a completed work of art
during one worship-set. Take your time. It might be several weeks before
you are finished. Lastly, remember your art is an offering of worship
to God.  Once you finish a piece, let it go.  It shouldn’t matter if it
gets displayed for the whole world to see or covered up so that someone
else can create something later.

It is all about God!  May he be glorified in our art!!

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We did a service one time where... there were several black and white paintings haning at the front of the sanctuary, and then in the service the artist (with a helper) competed one last painting. It looks like it was about three weeks before Easter 2003 (I'm guessing she was already booked elsewhere for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday :-). We'll see if this photo upload stuff actually works here... as I recall, doing the painting was part of the sermon, and wasn't happening during the music time, but it was completed during that one service. I think they had pencil-sketched it out on the poster paper before the service, and there were two people doing the painting, so it went fairly quickly, but it was done right in front of everybody during the service.
I'd suggest that these forms of expression are good and fine provided it doesn't get pedestalled or super-spiritualised. For some they will be valuable and relevant expressions of their experience of God..... and to others they may just seem a bit odd. If it helps you express worship to God then that's fantastic, but if they don't have that effect then that's completely fine too. We're all different.
Yeah, well, you could say the same things about contemporary worship music. This is the one time we've done anything like this since our church started in 1993, but, ya know, Brad asked what people had done.
Thanks for pointing that out, Charles, yes, you're quite right the same thing could be said about all forms of worship.

I have taken part in a 'corporate art piece' as part of worship involving most of the congregation, but TBH it was a fair few years back and I can't remember very much about it, other that attaching pieces of paper to an outline to make some kind of collage.
Personally (in our church situation) I'd use it sparingly, so that it was a special thing for a special purpose. I've actually been toying with the idea of having interpretive dance during a song - we have someone who is very good at it. But again, it would be a one off thing...

We've done dance a few times, as well. This was Easter Sunrise 2009, I think the characters were the two Marys and the angel at the tomb on Easter morning. Most of the time when we've done dance it has been very slow and meditative, but this one was pretty lively. One observation: costuming is very important. Poorly fitting or not-really-matching costumes ("okay, everybody wear black pants and a white shirt"), but anything too "suggestive" can be as well :-)

When we've done dance, I think it has always been as a "performance" by itself, not during the music or the sermon.
In costuming, take into account your region. Charles, you're in Phoenix. Around Easter in the Pacific Northwest, your Marys would need fleece-lined hunting jackets.
Why is worship, regardless of it's form, reserved for only special purposes or events?
Totally !!!! i think worship should never be boxed in to just music. Worship is an expression of the Heart towards God, so i think if you worship God through dance, then do it with all your heart. if you worship through Art then the same, For me personally i would love to see people being healed through the presence of God during worship, that would be incredible, and if that worship comes in different forms, such as dance, or art or the twirling of a ribbon, i say go for it. David danced before the Lord extravagantly :)
Art during worship is somewhat suspect most of the time I've seen it, but I can see where it can have it's place if used sparsely.

But to Miss Painter - I don't get it - even remotely. Instantly healed by laying eyes on a painting? Let the Holy Spirit move through her painting? What? The Spirit was totally leading? Huh? Waiting on the Spirit to guide you and give you pictures? This isn't what the Bible teaches about the ministries of the Holy Spirit. It sounds more like a "Christianized" form of divination or even some "Christianized" form of eastern mysticism.

Hey - is that a Gretsch in your avatar?

Are you saying that inspiration is not from God? Have you never felt the Holy Spirit inspire you to write certain words to your music or to guide your hands on the guitar? Ive personally had times when Music has come out of my Bass that I know I could never repeat if I wanted to and I fully attribute it to the Spirit's leading.

When a painter is led to worship with their gifting why should you call it "divination" when they are impressed to paint a certain picture/style/color?

Im comfortable with the fact that you're christian expression may be limited a certain style, but don't limit God to your picture. When you say God cannot do something you border on Pharasee Religousness.

And if God chooses to heal someone, praise him for it! No matter how it comes!

Truthfully, our church hasnt had the oppertunity to use art in worship and have limited experience in its use in the worship setting. But golly it sounds fun. The one time I saw it being done, I was visiting a church and a gentleman was painting something for himself to the side of the building not to be a spectacle for anyone. It was for him and his God alone. Amazing, and I didnt even see the product. What's the problem in a person expressing their Love for God using the gifts he has given them?

If Ive misunderstood your intent, im sorry for rantin.
Gods Good
Something Rick Joyner says, which always speaks to me, is about how creative God is. He is the creator, and His children should flow in His creativity. Whatever we do, we can learn to do in the Holy Spirit, surrendered to Him and releasing His anointing, even in seemingly mundane things like in our jobs, or whatever it is we put our hands to.

There should be no one as creative, or expressive on this Earth than a Christian.


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