When do we say enough is enough?

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Justin, you have nailed right on the head. My heart grieves, but I know God is going to be glorified.....somehow. I feel like walking away, but my spirit is saying God is up to something. Thank for sharing, Valerie
Prejudice of any kind has no place in the church. Not ever! No, no, no. Love Jesus, Love one another and Love the lost. I find it hard to believe that anyone with prejudice in them has the spirit of God flowing through them.
I think it is best (and actually easiest) to say--enough is enough--in the very beginning.
A Biblical example would be Daniel. At the outset he would not even eat the food offered
by the King. I guess it has to do with compromise. It's a slippery slope. The Bible tells
us to run (not walk!) away from sin. We get caught up before we know it. So I think the
answer is to draw the line as soon as you are aware of the situation. I hope I am making
sense! Best wishes.
Diana, You are making great sense. I try in everything I do to see God. Although I don't see God in the people I see God in the opportunity. Valerie wants to say enough is enough, I don't believe God is there yet........
You are so right, it has no place in church. My prayer is Father destroy that spirit and cause your spirit to be the controlling factor.....
Is there anyone else to agree with you in the worship team? You are correct to ask the Father to destroy that spirit, and two can cause more to flight. Remember our battle is not against flesh & blood. It sounds like you know that already. Don't throw in the towel, DIG IN! If God is for you, who can be against you. They don't have a problem with your color or gender, they have a problem seeing more of Jesus in you than they do themselves and are being convicted. Hang on. God bless.
The posts in response to you are right on the money.I know you know this, but it was God who created diversity, and it is that very diversity that He delights in. Never forget that.

I think one of the reasons that God desires racial reconciliation in the world (particularly within the church) is that He made man in His image. Prejudicial mindsets dishonor the image of God in others. His image is so multifaceted that it cannot be contained by a single culture - the diversity of the planet is required to get a more complete picture.
Amen, I agree
Ok. I am just going to read here. I attempted a reply, but it is just too sensitive for me, and I reallydo not want to sow discord, so I deleted it. Just please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I also feel this pain even though I am caucasan....we are one people, one church, and our Saviour loves us all EQUALLY, and we need to be 'evidence' of this equality. Hosanna, Lord Save us. In Jesus' Holy Name. Amen
Thank you for your prayers and sensitivity. God bless You.
I am not a super hero action figure or anything like that.....but I have always thought that Clark Kent could observe and do things that even Superman could not. Being white...I can infiltrate within. Ha Ha. I think I need to help educate withing the church in whatever gentle ways I can, and speak up openly and honestly about injustice when I see it. I am not really sure how....but I am learning, and it is a strong calling. If it is 'of the Lord' 'He' will find a way.


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