Hey everyone.  It's been a long time since I posted anything here.  I've wrote a new song, thrown together a recording and would love some honest feedback. Open to all feedback, but specifically, do you think this would work as a congregational worship song?

At the Cross
Verse 1
To the guilty and stained
Come be washed clean
All who are weary
He'll be your peace
There is love and forgiveness
No matter what you've done
All to the cross we come
Wounded and broken hearts
All who would kneel, come be made new
At the cross
Verse 2
To the helpless and weak
You're not alone
The outcast that's restless
Come find your home
If you're hiding in shadows
Step out from the dark
At the cross there is new life
At the cross there is hope
At the cross there is healing for our souls
Verse 3
All of us guilty
Fallen from Grace
Sinners come near
We lift up our gaze
The voice of our Savior
Is calling to the lost

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Cameron - the problem I would have with this as a congregational worship song is that the verses tell "you" what to do... that works in a "performance" song, but for me it's a deal-buster on a worship song.  If you rewrote the verses so that they're more the people in the congregation telling their own story...

All who are guilty and stained Can be washed clean
All who are weary Can come and find peace
There is love and forgiveness No matter what we've done
,,,and a similar fix to v2.  It seems small, but I don't think that a "worship" song should be "preachy" like this, telling "you" what to do.  Musically it's not bad, the melody on the verse seems a little distracted, but the chorus has a good hook to it.
One other suggestion - call it "All to the Cross We Come" or something like that.  Maybe it's 'cause I grew up with the hymnal, but in my head, there is already a song called "At the Cross" and it's a classic and that title is no longer available for new worship songs :-)


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