when facing discouragement at what point is it smart to 'quit while you're ahead' ?  as in , when do you know if it is better to dig deeper and keep on OR wiser to quit while you still can ?

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Man, needing more details. If it's about quitting motorcycle racing, it's an easy answer. But if it's about quitting some form of ministry that's frustrating you, that's tougher.

Hi Phil,


I know there are  people who will give you all kinds of spiritual reasons for quitting or not quitting, which is good of course..........but what is your gut feeling telling you? I realise we are all different when it comes to gut feelings but it's kinda served me well when I've had to make decisions like this. I always it pray though, so maybe that's God's way of letting me know when the time is right.




I second the "gut feeling." I don't think my gut has ever lead me astray, at least not in a significant way. But the times I ignored it, I wish I hadn't.

How long have you been at it? If you're frustrated with a new position, you usually have to give it time. At least a year, maybe more like 2.

Again, unless you guys know something that the rest of us don't, we need some more information here. This is all theoretical otherwise.

If Jeremiah had "given up" based on how he was treated and frustrated he was, it would have been a big mistake.

Generally it's down to how good a relationship you have or want to have with the individual concerned, whether their character is capable of reasoned discussion or they fly off the handle and how necessary it is for them to see your point of view. If you don't have to get agreement and know they're a bit unstable then best walk away.

If the cabbage quit while he was a head, then there would never be coleslaw!

Seriously, what is God teaching you? We (humans) usually try to complete something or get to the goal we set;  but God looks at things differently. I find it's about what he wants to teach me or someone else; and not about getting to the end - it's usually the process.

If you haven't leant the lesson, it will come up again later in life and hopefully then, you will be listening.

So very true - God never forgets your syllabus.


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