Please share your weekly (or bi-weekly!) set lists here - thanks!

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We are in the process of gradually bringing our worship team as well as our congregation out of a narrow window of song styles dating from the 1970s-1990s, to start including more contemporary pieces. So our sets are going to be a blend of both ...
August 2 - - -
Life in Jesus (original written by team members)
Everlasting God
Blessed be Your Name
Here I am to Worship
The Greatest Thing
We have been expereincing tremendous breakthrough in our worship services. The "program" has gone out the window and the Spirit is really taking command of our worship.
Blessed in the City- Fred Hammond
You Are Good- Israel Houghton
Amazed - Jared Anderson
Amazing Grace (Hymn)

Holy Spirit Fill This Room - Original

Aug 2, 2009:

We just started up a praise team at my church last January. So, we still have a lot of "old school" praise songs that the older folks in the congregation know. The shift to more contemporary songs has been a slow process.

1 Oh, Magnify the Lord
2 This Little Light of Mine
3 I Command My Soul
August 2: Shepherd's Heart songlist:

Holy Is The Lord
Let It Rise
My Savior, My God
King of Wonders

Message from Pastor

Song of Hope
Everlasting God
Grace Like Rain - Chris Tomlin
Amazing Love (You are my King)
Glorious - Martha Munizzi
I can only Imagine - Mercy Me
Praise Him and Lift Him Up - Gary Oliver
For 9th August

See, what a morning (Getty & Townend) - many videos, eg
I thought it good to sing rousing song with a strong beat, at the beginning, to remind ourselves why we meet on a Sunday morning - every Sunday is a Resurrection Day!

Children's song
As for me and my house (Jim Bailey) - audio:
Based on Joshua - about deciding to follow God, and therefore walking in his ways. Action Song.

Who can know? (I stand in awe) (Martyn Layzell) -
Remembering that God's ways are higher than ours - thought it good to repeat song introduced by Phil too.

Jesus, my King (Wonderful Saviour) (Andy Bromley) -
Remembering Jesus's work. I have transposed the score down in A flat (capo 1 = G). I dislike the mix of 'Thee' and 'You', so I have tweaked the words slightly.

We belong to the day (Michael Morrow) - - click on 'Listen' and then 'We belong to the day'
Repeating new song, but extending out thought on Jesus's work in the previous song to Jesus's coming.

Let your kindgom come (Bob Kauflin) -
Repeating new song, but this is a good response song too - let your kingdom come ... may your will be done.

The church's one foundation (Samuel Stone) -
Rounding off the series on the flagship church - good to remember whose church this is, and that the church is central to God's plan. I have a score in D with guitar chords (not too many chord changes!).
August 2nd. Blended Worship. New, old, Hymns etc.

Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman, Beth Redman
Fall On Me - Ron Wilding, Lisa Welbanks
What A Friend I Have In Jesus - Joseph M. Scriven & William P. Rowlands
Mighty To Save - Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding
Friend of God - Michael Gungor, Israel Houghton
Not Be Shaken - Norman Strauss
Aug. 2
Because of You
From the Inside Out
True Love
Freedom Reigns
Marvelous LIght

Planned Aug 16th:
How Great Thou Art (modified)
I will Rise
Revelation Song
Mighty to Save
Blessed be Your Name
August 9th for us:

You Never Let Go
Choir Sings - On Mountains High
How Great is Our God
Glory to God Forever by Steve Fee
(Straight in to the chorus to) Glory to His Name-Hymn
This week I will be filling in for a worship leader at another church.
The songs I have chosen are:
I Am Free (Newsboys)
Forever (Chris Tomlin)
Holy Spirit (Take Control) Among Thorns
Hungry (Matt Redman)
Kindness (Chris Tomlin)
Rescue (Newsong)
Aug 2:
So Good to Me (Darell Evans),
Mighty to Save (Hillsong),
Your Grace is Enough (Maher or Tomlin), and
You Are So Good to Me (Third Day)

I would appreciate your prayers ... It's been hard choosing songs b/c we are short on band members and without drums entirely ... I am also needing to make some tough leadership decisions over the next week/month.
Thanks! Blessings to you all.
Sunday Aug 2 am svc

Say So - Israel
I Know Who I Am - Israel
I Need You - Tye Tribett


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