Please post any information in reference to bands, artists and worship teams available to perform at events and if you are looking for some as well.

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My band is from South Florida. The name is RF. We sing mostly rock and worship. We've been together for a few years now and are working on our second CD. You can check us out at and on

If you would like more info or a press kit please email me at or call/txt me at 954-347-1690.

Thank you and God bless!!
I lead two music ministries that involve leading worship and doing concerts.
My solo ministry is
and my Christian Blues Band ( Ted Fillhart and the Unlikely Heroes) is

Based out of the Raleigh, North Carolina region we are able to travel to play churches, festivals, fairs, street events.... Nothing like the blues with God in the groove!

I also had another music ministry that was pretty cool and we did some concerts and it was called "Roctronic." We mixed techno and rock music with Christian lyrics and high enrgy praise and worship. song snippets and video at
I am a worship leader in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and am available solo or with a team to minster in worship at events or in churches as they have need or desire. My call is to minister in worship via music, again as their is a need or desire. I will only go if permitted to do so by the Lord and the focus is always on leading the assembly into a deeper worship, whether through song, teaching or preaching. I will also work with worship teams on deepening their own level of worship. - CHECK US OUT!
I have a Worship One program where i share my testimony of being in an abusive relationship for over 30 years, combined with original songs played on my keyboard. Check out the website at ! Praise God!


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