As I said earlier I'm a newbie to the drums but I'm not new to music or theory.  So I know how to read music.  Just a question:  in drum notation sometimes I have bass drum playing quarter notes, sometimes dotted quarter notes, etc..... please forgive my stupidity but I'm assuming that the duration of the note is dependent on how hard I hit the bass drum , and not necessarily on the duration of pressing the pedal.  So is it right for me to assume that if I want to do a dotted quarter note I should press the bass drum pedal harder to make the bass drum ring longer? Or is it all in how long I hold the bass pedal down? It's strange I can make the snare ring correctly but somehow I'm not sure that the bass drum is ringing as long as it should.  But at least I know how to count.


I know I should take some lessons but I can't afford it right now. Think part of the problem is I have a digital drumkit which comes with a foot-switch instead of a pedal for the bass drum which may sound slightly different but  I have a good metronome and really sensitive to tone so I think I've got a great start but I think clearing this question is foundational and important.

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I have not heard of using dotted quarter notes and such to indicate louder.  I do know paranthesis ( ) around a note means ghost note (softly).  A less than symbol above the note <  means hitting it harder but an accent.  This is an interesting guide here for notation:  http://web.mit.edu/merolish/Public/drums.pdf'



No, I think you misunderstood my question.  I was wondering if I hit the drum harder will it make the note (sound of the drum) last longer.  A dotted quarter note is supposed to last 50% longer that just a quarter note. That is my question.


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