Obviously I didn't write this song, this is just my arrangement. I'm actually posting about the mix. I'm trying to get better at mixing, so if anybody knows about mixing, please give me feedback on where this is mixed right and wrong. Thanks!

1Be Thou My Vision.

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Hi Benjamin. Overall it sounds really good. I've listened to it on my built in speakers in my Mac. If it sounds good on these relatively cheap speakers then I think you've done a good job. Best rule in mixing is to mix on a good pair of studio monitors as they give the most accurate representation of what is really going on in the mix. I'm guessing you mixed on a pair of studio monitors. The vocal and guitar are good and full. The drums could maybe have done with being a bit louder.  You could experiment with more instruments in the mix by adding say a bass, piano (Brass?) Its hard to do hymns with loads of verses as you need to biulkd the arrangement to create interst all the way through the song. This is more about arrangement but you could maybe try adding a differnt instrument on each verse. Its more of a challenge to get all the instuments audible in the mix when there are more instruments

Thanks for that. There actually is bass and piano in the mix, so I probably need to work on it a bit more!

Generally speaking you need to give each instrument it's own space in the frequencies: type instrument recording frequencies into google images to see how many overlap. Often this is done by giving them parts to play to reduce the overlap - the more instruments playing, the more care required to create parts for eachto have its own sonic space.

Had a quick listen through, using a laptop speaker & then headphones. The bass is fine for volume through headphones, but is a nice 'polite' fat & rounded bass - fine at the start, but where you build up it would be nice to have something punchy like a Stingray or Precision, picked near the bridge, growling away.

I heard hints of piano, but not much. There's quite a lot going on in the mids already and it doesn't need more, so I'd not hoof that up too much. Drums are well controlled, but could come up a little, depending on whether you want to present it as a rocker or an acoustic number.

In general recording terms, there's a lot going on all the time and all at a similar level, meaning that the recording lacks dynamics. The build up is just a bit fatter and louder, and when it backs off it gets just a little quieter, which may be OK with an MP3 file compressed within an inch of it's life through ear buds, but I suspect that's not what you want. The voice level is good, but I'd reduce the acoustic guitar in the first half of verses, also maybe give the electric guitar a little more top end when you want drive in the song so that it crunches & cuts nicely, then pull it back again for the quieter bits.

I was waiting for the electric to start wailing away, but it never happened. ;-) Nice recording though.

That's really helpful, thanks.

I really liked this, well done.  The only thing missing from this is me, ooh how I would love to whap some harmony in there. Not the easiest harmony in the world, which is why I love it.

Thank you for posting : )



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