I've been doing music pretty much all my life and I love worshipping in church.  I've recently started sketching again after a long twelve years.  It's pretty fun.  What do you like to do?

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Ham Radio, brewing my own root-beer and ginger-ale, and just starting to get into cheesemaking...
Video editing. Man I got Sony Vegas Pro 9 and fell in love with this. But music is still my passion. It's what I wake up thinking about. Now if we're talking about hobbies, it would be fishing (with my wife) of course. {she catches more fish than my buddies would anyways}.
Writing humour stories. Got one book out, going to start the sequel this year...I love making people laugh; it's good for the soul.
reading fishing with my beautiful wife
I like spending time with my family..playing with my kid..watching movies and eating of course..
besides music i like playing PC games, browsing the net, joyride, and most of all... i like music so dont take that away from me, ahahahaha
We do digital sound recording and engineering as part of our living, but I've been wanting to also branch out into some video lately. Anything keeping up with those technologies, learning new techniques and playing with new gear and software is fun. I paint (acrylics/water color/clay pastels/metallics mostly) and do free form stained glass mosaics (just finished a big fireplace for our den, a first for me, I just decided to jump into the deep, whoot!). I like to carve wood, and create art using less than usual materials. This year I want to learn how to play guitar. I also love experiencing new cultures, tastes, sounds... I love to travel and cook/try ethnic foods. My husband and I led a couple m*ss*on trips to Turkey and it's one of the most hospitable, lovely places I've ever been. And on the flip side, I love eating out when we get the chance (not too often, so it's a treat).
Drawing x


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