Hi folks.

I know this is a very subjective question, but what make & model of guitar do you find best for leading worship. I have a Martin HD-28 which is nice but i find it a bit muddy at times and i also have a Taylor 114 which is a tad tinny.

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That's a loaded question. I'm surprised that you don't like your HD-28 for worship, what year was it made? I heard one played at a Mark Knopfler concert and it was great - cut through everything and was strong and powerful. To me, that's a perfect thing for worship. The newer ones are a little brighter and more balanced. I've played some that were more muddy - mostly from the 80's.

With your Taylor, what kind of picks are you using? That can make a big difference.

I use a Taylor 710 BCE which is fabulous for worship. My buddy uses a Taylor 714 and it works real well. My preference in the Taylor line for worship is the 412 or 712 series.

If I had plenty of cash and wanted to buy another acoustic for worship, it would be a Lowden.
Hi Stevo
My HD-28 was made in 2001. Sometimes i like it as it has a big bass sound but the mids and treble are quite mellow which combined with the big bass makes for a muddy muffled type of sound which doesnt cut tnhrough the mix very well. Im looking for a guitar with strong but punchy bass and strong mids and cutting trebles.....im very fussy i know...
A newer HD-28 sounds like what you're after. They are not the same guitar as they once were. The ones I've played recently have the mids and trebles that are missing in the older ones. That being said, my buddy has a newer Taylor 714 with the Cedar top and it's very nice - could pass for a bluegrass guitar but also has crisp mids and highs.
it might be the guitar too though......though i love martins, every company puts out some duds now and then. but if it sounds that way plugged in, it would more than likely be the type of pickup. just get a new one. my suggestion is fishman.

taylors used to sound pretty good plugged in when they still used fishman. but not anymore.

i feel that taylor is a faddish (for the most part) guitar that tons of christians buy because thats all they know.

but if you look at professional musicians, most of them play martins. because as pros, they know whats good. since everyone loves lincoln brewster so much, i'll use his name. he plays martins.
Just make sure that it was built by a Christian. :)
Are there some good Christian builders out there?
A friend of mine recently became convicted that only guitars made by Christians should be played in churches (I don't agree, but that is that). Interestingly enough, he came up with a list of Christian luthiers. I'll have to see if I can track that down.
Interesting. It's back to the "Christian only" commerce model.
I know McPherson is a Christian company - at least it was started by a guy that is a Christan and has close ties with the Christian music industry. You see a lot of the big name bands playing their guitars. It is my dream guitar, but unfortunately a bit out of my price range. http://mcphersonguitars.com/
They are built like tanks and the design is awesome, but the resulting tone doesn't really match up with all the hype. Not to put McPherson down or detract from you trying one, but there are better sounding guitars out there for half the price from my experience.
I've been using a Takamine EG523SC for several years now.
It has a nice bright high end (maple body), a strong low end (jumbo size), and a fairly balanced midrange; and it also has an onboard tuner that is particularly helpful on the Sundays when I have to add or remove a capo during the service and then re-tune.
I've played Taylors in guitar shops just to see what they sound like, and I'd say that the jumbo Tak sounds about 85% as good as a Taylor for about half the money.
I forgot to mention the Taks - I think plugged in, Takamines are among the best and they cost less.


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