I've got a clip from a movie that I'd like to use on Sunday, and our church has the CVLI license so we're legal...I just need to know how to pull a segment off the DVD so I'm not having to have the DVD player paused, etc. Any suggestions?

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I've used Microsoft's movie maker because it was available. It is probably not a good program and undoubtedly harder to use but it worked and it didn't cost me anything. If you're talking about a one time use or just occasional light use then it should work. It will allow you to capture a clip or several clips to a story board then merge them, adjust their length, change their order or tweek them. you can also add a seperat sound track and merge the two. You can then create a new DVD but make sure you save it in the proper format for replay on a DVD player. Also watch your sound track. I've had a lot of trouble getting the Microsoft movie player sound to transfer so that it sounds right.

Good luck.
Well, David, I'm not cool enough to be a Mac guy... ;-) Handbrake is, however, available for us lowly PC & Linux users as well...remember, it has to work on #stoopidchurchPC as well.
Ran out of time for video this time, but I'll be giving HB a look-see for next time.


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