I sang Blessed Be Your Name sunday and a guy from church called me after church and asked me to show him in the bible where it says verbatim that God gives and takes away. I was rather blown away by this knowing that in Job 1 it says those very words._______________________________ But he wanted New Testament proof. I talked with my pastor about it and he said that this guy was a Old/New Testament separatist meaning old things were done away with. ____________He wants concrete proof that it says in the New Testament that is says God gives and takes away._______________________________How do you guys feel about this question. I don't know anywhere it says this to the word, but I believe God still to this day gives and takes away!

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Here is what Matt Redman said about his song. It is not so much as word for word, but that tragic still happens to believers, miscarriages, death of a loved one. Matt is trying to write songs that are dealing with topics we rarely deal with.

Matt Redman:
"'Blessed Be Your Name' stems from the story of our lives," Matt explains. "Both Beth and I had tough upbringings—a lot of different issues to do with fathers—and over the years we've come to realize that worshiping God is a choice, and the best choice we'll ever make."

Matt and Beth were on sabbatical in the U.S. during the September 11 terrorist attacks. They wrote "Blessed Be Your Name" while in the shadow of those tragic events.

"It struck me how little a vocabulary we have in church worship music to respond appropriately in dark times of life," Matt says. "We all face seasons of pain and unease. And in those times we need to find our voice before God. The church, and indeed the world, needs songs of lamentation."

Many believe the Book of Job is about suffering, but Matt has a different interpretation. "I think it's really about something much grander—the sovereignty of God—of which suffering is a subcategory. At the end of chapter one it says: 'The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. May the name of the Lord be praised.'"

Hope it helps.
The 9/11 story heightens my concerns about this line. I'm pretty sure the Redmans (of whom I am a big fan) would not attribute those horrific events to God but couldn't this lyric combined with the story (as you've summarized it) leave many thinking that's the intent?

I'm glad this is being discussed. It's really bringing up good discussion about God's nature.
Yeah, Gary, I read similar stuff but this doesn't help with the guy. I think to this day that God gives and takes away but he doesn't unless I can show him in the new testament that backs it up.
You can't please everyone. It sounds like he has his particular hobby horse that he wants to ride. Has he shown you a scripture in the New Testament that specifically negates the Job verse?
You may have to agree to disagree & if he feels that strongly about the song, then he is under no obligation to sing the words whenever you guys choose to do the song. I'd refer him to your pastor if he persists.
God doesnt talk about "cars" or the "internet" or our modern American "homes", in the New Testament either, but does speak of our "dwelling", "communicating" and "coming and going"! I think the author of the song is stating a simple truth, or a central theme. God truly does bless his people, and he also allows things to be removed from our lives. Who can deny that simple truth!?!? I guess its a good thing that the person with the question, is seeking the "theology" in the songs sung to the congregation! It's never easy to please everyone!!!!! Hope his motive was sincere!
Philippians 4:12, I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need...... I think that was the vibe from the writer of the song!
Hi Kevin,

I think often we focus on the negative, so be encouraged that out of the entire congregation there was only one person who was put off by that song. : ) I think it is interesting that Job didn't have New Testament proof when he said it. He didn't sin when he said it either, which I take to mean that he did not lie (as lying would be considered a sin). The Jewish guys that wrote what ended up being the New Testament wouldn't have disputed it. (They had the opportunity - so did Jesus, He knew what He was doing.)

Sounds to me like there is a bigger issue there than your song choice. Get in unity with your pastor. Don't intentionally offend the guy, but I wouldn't spend much time on it. More importantly, don't let this impact your song choice in the future. If you feel the Holy Spirit's leading to sing that tune, then be obedient regardless of this guy. More important to serve Jesus with your worship service than him.

Oh, and to get back on topic, Jesus mentions in the parable of the talents that he who has will be given more- and he who doesn't have will have their stuff taken away (as part of His 'the kingdom of heaven is like...' series). The implications there are that the Master has the authority to give and take away. It's in Matthew 25. However, I wouldn't point this out to win an argument. I have the feeling that if you encourage this type of dispute, you'll then have to defend every song choice that has an OT basis. I don't think it would be wise to encourage that. I would suggest that you deal with the root cause rather than the symptom (in love) with your pastor.

The truth doesn't stop being the truth, even if we don't believe it. Jesus has always been the savior of the world, it just took me a while to catch on. : ) Same type of thing here, I think.
Hi Kevin.. Great question!! I also had a issue like that. one day I chose this song to my list. and my Worship team leader asked me to change that verse to "You gave Your only Son"!!! :@. but i ask him why do i have to do that. (I Wonder what will Matt Redman say if he heard about this:))) ) he said its not a very good phrase to sing in the congregation:(... well Kevin I strongly believe "Lord gives and He takes away" for our own good .. Ohhhh yes that's true!!!..

I like to share one of my personal experience. I met a guy back in 2001 he was a great worship leader.. so i used to hang around with him and i learned many thing from him. God used him to teach me many things. i learned guitar from him. and later on we became best friends. God also gave me a Word about him and it was Exodus 4:14-16.. we used do things together and God has lift me as a worship leader during that period.
but suddenly in 2007 he went abroad for further studies:( man i felt like my whole world is crashed!!!) later on God lift me up to a higher level!!. I used to lead worship only in Sinhala language but God lead me to English congregation to lead worship in English. and God teach me to rely on HIM..

People always love to hear and sing good things that is satisfy them.. but I believe as worship leaders we also need to "Sing The Truth". most people think God spoke to them only from the Sermon... some times God revel things during the qorship, He warns the church. so i believe as worship leaders we need to lead people to his Presence and Truth..

just ignore the guy Kevin.. there is a professor in our congregation and he always try to show mistakes. saying that is this is wrong wrong grammer.. bad pronouncing, not biblical this and that...etc. etc. But I ignore all those and I do what God leads me to do..
Thanks for sharing those insights, Sanjaya.
Thou Shalt Not Kill is an Old Testament commandment - can't think where it's mentioned in the New. Yet we realize that it's still wrong to kill.
The song is still scripturally sound in my opinion.
Hey, Kevin, there's one in every audience. You just got lucky with having an outspoken one! :)

The best advice has already been mentioned here - don't waste a lot of time on this. Some people are not open to views other than their own, and will delight on spending hours in debate. The danger is not in offending him, but in dragging you down to a place of ineffectiveness. Don't let that happen.

The obvious thing is that Jesus himself quoted the Old Testament very often, including during his dying moments on the cross (My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?) Jesus never implied that the Old Testament was going to be out of date, and as a matter of fact, on the road to Emmaus (after his resurrection) he used the Law and the Prophets to show the two disciples how the messiah must suffer.

Jesus also warned one of the churches in the opening chapters of Revelation that if they didn't get their act together, he was going to remove their lampstand.

Tell the guy politely that you don't agree, and please direct all future complaints to the pastor. Or better yet, to God. If he's listening, he might even learn something...
True, not worth having strife over it. As a matter of fact, I LOVE this song. When I introduced it to the worship team, which consists of both pastors, I had to change the words to "He gives and makes a way" in order to sing it.

Well, I know He does give, and He does make a way... so I had to give it over to the Lord and let it go. :)
This falls under the category of things to be avoided - foolish arguments.


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