Have been pouring all of our funds into equipment seems all of my life, mostly recording equipment. 

Well, you've heard the term "starving-musician". By God's grace we're not starving, but we have stopped traveling around via RV.

We've sort-of put down roots in SE Missouri and remember the whole mess; people sued for not making a marriage cake, others thrown in jail for exercising their Christian faith and beliefs.

I'm not here to talk about them, but us.

God's timing is perfect, and I have always wanted to help Christian songwriters get their music to production CD/radio quality. But, I didn't know how to go about not getting caught in a lawsuit for not wanting to do certain genres with certain lyrics and avoid being called a hater.

Anyway, fear gripped us, so we turned inward and Christward which is sort of a dichotomy.

We'd like to help, and in doing so, be helped into fulfilling what I believe to be "our calling".

So, how do we proceed? What can we do to help?

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When I hit the link, I got talking on top of music - might have been Psalm 137, but the song was drowned out by the spoken words over it.

Hello Kevin, (my hand is raised) ;-)

I'd be happy to talk more about this with you.




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