What do you think the worship leader's role should be in reaching out to the community, playing/performing in secular venues, etc..?

What should be the local christian musician's relationship with, or involvement with, Church worship?

I have always tried to advocate a both/and approach, rather than an either/or, but is this dependent on the gifting of the individual(s)?

Do you believe there are certain venues that Christians should not perform?

I suppose this is rather a broad topic, but I'm interested in what other worship leaders think about these things.

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Because I see worship music as a separate genre of music in itself, I see no problem if a Christian musician decides to get involved with only secular or worship music, but not both. We can respect a jazz pianist's decision to not play baroque, and a classical trumpeter to not play latin. Why should we not permit Christian musicians to avoid genres of music they are not that strong at?

To save the newer people the hassle of digging through all my previous posts: I believe that worship music is a separate music genre because it REQUIRES the involvement and participation of the congregation. And once you add to the mix 30-3000+ people singing, certain rules and principles tend to apply... :)
We are very involved in our community and that's just not in performing music. When the city government has a clean up day, our church gets involved. Every year there is a Christmas parade here in Thibodaux. We have two floats that we decorate. On one we'll have our children on it throwing candy and on the other, either we'll have our band playing music or at least a system set up to play our CDs. We have a large group just walking. We also have a little train made my somone and we'll put a 4-wheeler decorated to pull it and the very young children are sitting in the train with little antlers on their heads. It's all very beautiful. The city really appreciates our support and involvement with them. We have found much favor with the city Mayor and elected officials because of our involvment.
There is another event called Thibodauxville that is put on where several streets in the city are closed down and booths are set up from all kinds of vendors with their crafts to sell. There are plenty of food vendors and there are 3 stages. Two secular stages and one Gospel stage. Our church heads up the intenarary for the Gospel Tent since we were the first church to get involved 5 years ago. We probably draw the biggest crowds with the Christian dance teams that perform and our band performs as well as several other churches now perform also. Because of our involvement many Chrisitans now attend the festival and increase the revenue brought in which the city also acknowledges for our support.
This year for the first time in Thibodausville history, the ACLU stepped in and is trying to ban Chrisitian participation in this festival because our local government is involved in some way with it.
Over in Singapore, we've got this Celebrate Christmas in Singapore thingy, in which the churches of Singapore come up with loads of performances and all that. We sold it to our government as a tourist attraction and they bought it.

It costs loads of money and time, but if we don't make our presence felt especially during Christmas, believe me, it's only a matter of time before the other religious groups (like the Soka Gakkai) jump in and do it. Well, it feels good to have the other religions in Singapore playing catch-up... :)


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