I love taking hymns and giving them a touch of "rock n roll"!  The powerful lyrics are so full of meaning and history... 


Check out AT THE CROSS video and let me know what you think!

May God bless all of you!




Michael Robert

Out touring the USA and the UK

I'd love to come share a Night of Music and worship at your church!


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The music was good and relevant, I enjoy this kind of thing. But more than anything, I enjoyed the theme of picking up the metal crosses and putting them in a bag as you walked along.

Wait - the original post may have been a plug...
Hi Michael - what are the chances that we would see you participate in some discussions?
Sure Stevo, love to haven't been here for a long time but I'm reading some great stuff...
I can't speak for others, but I suspect we're all looking forward to some conversations with you.
This is great!

For me, it isn't about the quality of the hymn or the lyric or the melody.  It is rather the idolatry and elitist attitude that accompanies the more traditional songs.


By definition, ALL songs to God are Hymns.  Why must we split hair and pretend that some songs are hymns and others are not?

He tends to box a lot of things into the idolatry bin. Don't be alarmed...
I'm not suggesting that they were elitists idolators.  However, those people exist in great population today.  You can disagree with me here all you want, but the truth is self evident.  We just have to be more willing to admit it.
So why do you have to even bring that up? It's kind of a hobby horse. It's not even in view with what we're talking about.

I bring it up because the attitude surrounding hymns is what  prevents them from being used in many churches and forces them to be used in others.


I love hymns.  Of all the worship leaders I know, I'm probably one of the most progressive when it comes to retaining and bringing hymns into the corporate worship offerings that I lead, both in their traditional and modern forms.  


Despite my love for them, I do question the wisdom of using traditional music.  So often I see churches that abandon hymns then try to bring them back, only to see more controversy stir by people who want more hymns!  It is a vicious cycle.



I don't know who said it recently, but why do we have to have this division between hymns and non-hymns? Many of the "hymns" have been set to three or four melodies over the years, we're only doing the same thing now. I guess there is a distinct difference between hymns and most modern music, but there is no need to make it so black and white. Everything needs refreshing from time to time. (Musically that is.)


FYI, we're currently trying to add more "deep" songs to our repertoire which includes a lot of modernized hymns. It's actually nice to have a mix - "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs". (I'm still not sure if there is a real distinction between the three in spite of what some people are sure of in their commentaries.)

I resent the idea that we have to "bring back" or divide the old against the new.  That isn't the work of the Church.  However, as leaders in the church, we are forced into it by our own willingness to participate in the game.


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