I love taking hymns and giving them a touch of "rock n roll"!  The powerful lyrics are so full of meaning and history... 


Check out AT THE CROSS video and let me know what you think!

May God bless all of you!




Michael Robert

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I'd love to come share a Night of Music and worship at your church!


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Yea, I'm kind of implying the same thing. However, in the original post, I think it's safe to equate "bringing back the hymns" with "refreshing the hymns". It does get laborious when we do 5 verses of the same hymn with piano and/or organ. What Michael has done here is excellent and a great pattern for me. Perhaps more of this kind of thing will bridge stuff together.

It does get laborious when we do 5 verses of the same hymn with piano and/or organ.


And I have to say, this is probably how the contemporary movement might actually save hymns.  As you know, a good band can really add a lot of texture and feeling through out an entire song.  OK, so can a good piano / organ crew.  But those are rare.

Michael...I really like this. It is a great take on a beloved hymn. I think besides the song being a great music video and solo that it could be adapted for congregational worship. I like how the video bounces back and forth from inside to the church to out on life's journey. Collecting the metal crosses is a great idea. Thanks for sharing you music!

Hi David - just curious. Did this video make you want to do this song in church? Or are you already playing it? I personally found it refreshing enough to put on our list. However, I don't think we'll be putting crosses in bags...

 We haven't been using this at our church. I've always enjoyed the old hymns, but in my opinion, many of the arrangements and even melody lines are very dated. This song has always been a favorite of mine and I think this a great and fresh take on "At the Cross". I think our folks at CBCFC will enjoy singing this. I love the line, "at the cross, the blood-stained cross, where I lay my burdens down."


 Personally,  I liked the video. 


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