hi guys,


im quite worried about this idea about churches burning the koran on sept 11th.


is it just me or is this an easy way to start world war 3 or cause more hatred against christians by muslims?


what is this going to achieve that is positive?


what ever happened to loving and praying for our enemies and turning the other cheek?


God bless,


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Is it even wort a response on this forum?

Last discussion in this area ended up being shut down.
All I can say is how amazed I am that a small group of about 30 people can instigate something that has the potential to bring harm to innocent people around the world and still believe they're doing the "christian" thing. Even worse, why does the press even cover it? Hardly what I call responsible, on either front.
haha - i just blogged about this! www.suttersaga.com
I don't see this going anywhere helpful, and I strongly recommend you close comments now. Sorry.
ok i've closed discussions, i think we should all pray about this.

God bless,


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