Hi.  I'm not sure where to put this, not so much a discussion as an appeal, and this seemed the best place to put it.  

I am helping organize a peace concert at Trafalgar Square on Saturday 10th March, and unfortunately we don't have enough musicians.  The concert is from 3-6pm and is part of a day in support of Pakistani Christians in their suffering and opposition to the blasphemy law that oppresses them.  

Any style of music is fine, but quality has to be skilled amateur or above.  The event is Christian focused, but many other religious minorities and some Muslims will also be attending.  Unfortunately we cannot afford to give expenses, so that is why I say London area musicians.  

If anyone is interested, email me at nathanaellewis@hotmail.co.uk asap.  

For more details, read


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We now have a great website advertising the event.  www.h4pc.com

Thanks Nathan, this gives me something I can show people.


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