This past week, our senior pastor met with all the leaders of every ministry team in the church. He encouraged us to be involved and concerned with the spiritual needs/personal needs/etc of our team members. I thought I had this one pretty much covered, until he mentioned something. Then I really thought about it and prayed. I know God is calling me to a higher level in this. I just am not sure where. Or what. 


What do all of you do with your team to stay involved? How do you care for your team's spiritual needs? How do you keep yourself in tune with what's going on in their personal lives. I do this to a degree, but I'm wondering how I can take this up a notch. 




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Actually, God has been calling me to - for awhile now. And I've been hesitant. It may not be everyone's role to shepherd a team. But I've been called to. I am a born encourager. I have been praying about this. And I have responded because I didn't necessarily feel I had to. But I just wanted to follow up. Thanks to everyone for ideas, encouragement, etc. I have gotten a glimpse of what God is calling me to step up and do. Now, if I can just keep focused and follow His will for me. 


And you know God is calling you to because...? Is this a burden that you feel? Also, being an encourager doesn't necessarily equate with being that for your team. Are there men on the team? Would you be tending to their spiritual/personal needs? Or maybe your "flock" of "encouragees" would be some other group that includes some of your team?


If you are a worship leader, your first and foremost responsibility is to lead the team as a worship team - delivering a "product" so to speak. I'm not saying that you shouldn't also be an encourager and shepherd your team.  I'm just saying that you could just as easily step down and let someone else lead and you would be an encourager. 


I'm only saying this because I see very few worship leaders with the bandwidth to do encouragement / pastoring ministry as well as worship leader ministry. Even full time music ministry folks are limited.

Because when God calls someone to do something, and they are open to His will, they will see it very clearly. And that is exactly what has been happening. I could easily step down and let someone else lead - but God has called me during this season of my life. 

I honestly think you are adding to my definition of encouraging, etc. I am extremely open to advice, etc. But I feel that you are imposing your opinion of something (and of me). I very clearly understand that few worship leaders have the 'bandwidth', as you say. But I am not talking about having a full-on encouraging ministry. I am merely stating that I felt a calling to be more intentional. To do more. To be more consistent in what I was doing. 

Several members of our team currently have things going on in their personal lives. I fear a lot of worship leaders care more about the 'product' and leave the spiritual state of their team in the dust. They don't care to follow up on illnesses of elderly parents, ask how their children are doing in an area of concern. There are plenty of worship leaders who expect their team to be on time to practices and 'let's get this done in 2 takes', but yet their bass player is struggling to make ends meet, and they don't know because they haven't taken the time to be a part of their 'real' life. These are the things I'm talking about. Taking time out to pray. Taking time out to care. This does not include stepping out of a worship leading role. It just takes the heart of someone who cares about their team and tack on a few extra minutes to email and ask. To add an extra prayer in practice for someone's family. 

I appreciate Carl's post earlier. And the encouragement of those who have added to this. It's something I'm determined to be more consistent with. I have been, and am seeing fruit. Our team has such unity, and it is growing as I learn to care more for them as brothers/sisters in Christ. And they are doing the same. 

Certainly we are all called to care and pray for those in our circle. Perhaps you're just trying to say that we should try to be more than just "users" of our team. I guess when I see "care for spiritual and personal needs" I think of the exhortations from senior pastors who expect their worship leaders to also be pastors and overall leaders. That's all I'm talking about.


I do have a personal pulpit thumper subject around the whole idea of being called and personal wills. But that's another subject altogether.




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