OK - couldn't really find any other category to put this one in and it seems rather insignificant  compared to the great theological and methodological discussions to be found here.........but.......

Those of you who have chairs in your worship center - what kind of method do you use to help you keep them lined up from week to week?  We have been using a small square of black gaffers tape on the carpet, but are finding that some people are picking them up, thinking they are doing us a favor by helping keep the auditorium clean; the chair legs themselves are "rolling" them off the carpet; and our custodian hits them with the vacuum and sucks them up and away.

We have been talking about a small dot of black paint for a more permanent solution,  A dot of black paint would be virtually unnoticed due to the kind/color pattern of carpet we have.  What have you found that is working great for you?



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We just pop them out in 'about the right place' and all is well - meeting in a school mean complete setup & teardown every time. I rather suspect that if I discovered tape on the floor then I'd immediately want to re-arrange the whole room. ;-)

Hi Ken, no topic is insignificant on WTR, glad you posted : )  Only wish I could help but we have pews I'm afraid, but oh the joy of actually having seats that move is music to my ears.

You in a school then Toni?  That's interesting.

We planted out about 24 years ago, and never had a building of our own. There was a time that looked like a possibility, but I thank God it never happened in the end.

We meet in a gym and have to set-up and break-down each week.  We set up the first

row of chairs relative to the 3 point curve on the court.  If you have a visual aid for the first

row I don't think you would need markers for the rest of the rows.

I appreciate the replies that have been posted so far.  Toni & Diana - we probably wouldn't be so careful about it if we put them down and picked them up every week, but since they don't move that often, they can get "rather unruly" after 2-3 weeks.

Lorraine - we are loving our seating that moves!  Having been in the ministry for 36 years and only the last 1 1/2 with chairs that move, I wonder why in the world more don't convert.  Our auditorium is now a versatile place.  We had our Thanksgiving banquet in there last Nov.  So much nicer and roomier than our fellowship hall.  We had a concert as part of our banquet and being able to use our new and very expensive sound system was so much better than a cobbled together sound set up in the fellowship hall.  VBS next week and you can just imagine!  VERY nice!

Anybody else have an idea?




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