Any suggestions on songs that are good for a block party. We'll be playing in Bronx NY. 

Thank you. 

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i suppose it would all depend on what you normally play and how versatile the team is. more upbeat stuff would probably go over well under the circumstances and since it's a party and not an actual service i would add some jamming in the songs as well. we'll be playing at the church picnic in september that's also an outreach for inviting friends and family and will probably play a lot of 'party' stuff like

One Way--Hillsong United
Set Me On Fire--Ryan Delmore from The Burn Service
It Is Well With My Soul--hymn that's easy to 'rock out' with
Hungry--Kathryn Scott--as she originally did it with heavy drum beat, not the more recent version
God With Us--Mercy Me
Take Me In--Kutless
Hosanna (Praise is Rising)--Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown
Better is One Day--Kutless

all of these are in the normal rotation and can be jammed with to help the atmosphere.
Anything by Third Day. I've found a lot of friends that like secular rock and roll tend to like Third Day songs.
Thank you for all the suggestions. We do mostly christian rock, but are very versatile.
How "religious" are the people of you church? If you can do it mix up some music from the 40s, 50s & 60s. Some old standards tht are just fun. AND play some christian stuff as well.
REMEMBER YOUR AUDIANCE!!!! Remember it is a party. Not a church service or a christian concert.
Celebrate good time come on!
Friend of God -- text is close to universal in understanding, and quite a few people only hear about God being mean, irrelevant or forgetful. We've sung it on the street to good effect.

A block party, if I understand, is a mix of all sorts of folks on your/their block. Know your folks, give something for everybody, including the kids. Make your list much longer than what you expect to play -- EXPECT SURPRISES!

You can win a lot of hearts by going outside the "rock box" into styles that will touch hearts. Don't be afraid to do old stuff -- old people like old stuff, young people like it secretly, kids like anything.

Remember, it's a party, not a concert or a church service.


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