Seeing the discussion about Secular songs in a Christian settting.   I wondered what hymns/songs you have/would play in a secular setting.    Last year we did "Away in a Manger" in a pub.  We are thinking of including some more songs in our pub set such as "History Maker".


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Hi Vic - when you do this, to you put them to a different metre? I've always wanted to do a ragtime set in the kind of setting you describe.

"Away in a Manger" was different for the British pub as it was an American version which leans towards country

The ragtime idea sounds abit like the blue grass band Hayseed Dixie (AC/DC covers).

Well, more tasteful than Hayseed Dixie (They're amazingly talented). I had some of Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter's creations in mind like Ramble On Rose or Mississippi Half step. Of course the song would have to fit.
"I had some of Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter's creations in mind like Ramble On Rose or Mississippi Half step."

Now that's what I'm looking for!! We already change some of the music styles to hymns/worship songs to fit our instrumentation and talents. I've recently begun doing some writing in styles that I like (Garcia/Hunter definitely fit the bill). I've also just recently become enamored by a lot of Mike Scott/The Waterboys stuff and am working on some lyrics to fit that general style too.  If nothing else comes of it I'm at least learning to play the keyboard.
Exactly my thoughts. There's this break in Mississippi half step that's just so tasty - Am ->Am7 -> Amaj7 ->D9 and so on. Really nice. I'm also enjoying the "ragged" offset meter. (I refuse to use the word, "syncopated" because it's so overused and misunderstood.)
Didn't mean to say "tasteful" as if H.D. isn't. I should have said "less country".

Don't people go to pubs and bars so they can hear some good country music?

Now I'm in Northwest Oregon/SW Wash., where country is pretty much the official music.

I have done I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever, Eagles Wings, Carry Me, Lord You Have My Heart, Fire From Heaven in a Workings Mens Club. Not long ago we did some music at a local village fete and Susan our whistle player hurt her shoulder two days before and was unable to play, I took along my worship book and just picked a few out as we went along to fill in the gaps.


I'd say, go for it Vic, it'll be great : )

I've played some U2/Collect Soul/Life House in a pub setting/open mic nights. (I've played a lot of Christian Published music on secular out-reach events too.)


However, I think many times people don't even realize how "Christian" (or Jewish) a song is. For example, I've heard so many covers of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Sung on prime time TV and at huge secular engagements, with the lyrics:


I've heard there was a secret chord

That David played, and it pleased the Lord

But you don't really care for music, do you?


I did my best, it wasn't much

I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch

I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you

And even though it all went wrong

I'll stand before the Lord of Song

With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah


You can read more of the lyrics here: Lyrics


U2's 40 also comes to mind. Just because something is under CCLI doesn't mean it's not Christian... (Hopefully I'm not digressing too much...)



Cohen's song - not too christian really. Some christian motif here and there, but really quite meaningless if not pagan and godless.  But I still like it.

We looked at doing the Cohen song but too many people were doing it.


I am not really sure about any of work of  Cohen or U2 being classed as christian. 

Though it's a bit of a digression, I think members of U2 taking their business interests off-shore to avoid tax in Ireland, looks a bit worldly.  

We have done a vegetales song,  through it written by a christian  the words were not about a particularly christian idea.  


There's a song the I once saw in a Hymnal that Eric Bibb does "In my Father's House"   that I would like to get some music /tab for.  

Tthe lyrics start something like this:  ..(if/maybe)..  you're a child of the street or a rich mans son

the chorus has the words.  "You'll find a welcome in my Father's house"


My  memory's not great as I looked the lyrics up and here they are:

You might been raised on the block
You mighta wandered here from far
But no matter where you come from
No matter who you are
You don't need no ID
You don't need no membership cards
Well, you know you're always welcome
In my Father's house

You might be a child of the streets
You might be rich man's son
An' no matter what you're doin'
No matter whatcha done
When you got nowhere to hide
Got nowhere to run
Well, you know you'll find shelter
In my Father's house

When you're lonely an' discouraged
An' misery has no end
When you need that helpin' hand
An' no-one wants to lend
When you're beggin' for a friend
Yes, you know you're gonna find one
In my Father's house.

When you're mistreated in this world
Like a stranger in your own land
When the chains around your heart
Are just too much to stand
When heaven's just a word
An' hell is close to hand
Come an' lay your burden down
In my Father's house


And a youtube link:



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