Seeing the discussion about Secular songs in a Christian settting.   I wondered what hymns/songs you have/would play in a secular setting.    Last year we did "Away in a Manger" in a pub.  We are thinking of including some more songs in our pub set such as "History Maker".


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Not only a wonderful song, I liked exceptionally the clear, crisp blues matrix that Jools Holland laid down for the singer.

Talented man. I've had him on my list for a time now and haven't gotten around to listening. Love it.

I'm in a secular setting, a public school, four hours a day, with a jazz choir and three regular choirs.  The kids, overwhelmingly, love Christian music.  The Christmas program might have a secular favorite such as "Carol of the Bells" (which is also a crossover we do at church) right alongside a jazzy gospel version of the Nativity.  Generally our selections are either classical (what choir doesn't want to sing the Hallelujah Chorus?) or ethnic (especially urban black Gospel).  It seems we can sing freely about God, even about Jesus, as long as you don't actually sing His name.

Another crossover area is songs such as Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", with its heavy get-you-to-think message.

The public square is a wonderful place to sing Christmas Carols.  I made up a book of half genuine carols and half Frosty the Snowman, etc., which we've sung for sixteen Christmases on the City Hall steps at Rainier. 

Though the visual manger scene has fallen victim to the complainers, the Story continues to be sung.

The More christian songs in the secular arena the better !  Praise God 


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