First, I am writing this as the "newest pastor" in my town. I am looking for some serious thoughts as it relates to Christian musicians [worship team members] playing secular music outside the church. I have been asked by members of a worship team that I have played with to get together and play a benefit for a Catholic Church/School Fundraising event. At this event alcohol with be served [yes, at a church fundraiser] and the song list that I have received is all secular music. The music is mostly classic rock [ie: Jumpin Jack Flash, Jet Airliner, Already Gone by the Eagles, Can't Explain by The Who, etc...] with only one Third Day song which is Christian focused. How does one handle a situation such as this? On one hand I am playing with a great group of Spirit Filled Christian men who love God, and on the other, especially as a Pastor, I feel torn as to what kind of message this will send, as I am a leader in Christ's Church. You thoughts??????



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What is and isn't distasteful is really up to the consumer.  :)

I find the division of music between "Christian" and "secular" and the phrase "secular music" distasteful. It comes from a place where people think they are holy if they don't associate with what is "secular". If it doesn't have a Jesus stamp on it or "Zondervan" on the spine, they won't read it.


So in order to make music that is acceptable, one has to join a "Christian band" and make "Christian music" on a Christian label and get air time on Christian radio. Meanwhile, Paul Simon writes an album about the struggles in South Africa called Graceland and Mark Knopfler writes incredible historical ballads and these are considered "secular" and we're not supposed to sing them.


Oh, and the Eagles wrote a cynical and instructive song about hedonism in the 70s and Christians fabricate stories about it's origin as being from some kind of satanic worship center. How holy is that behavior?


I'm exaggerating and ranting, but hopefully you get my point.


And I think Rorschach's music is awesome...

I need to find me one of those Jesus stamps.

I find it really funny that many Christians cringe when they hear the phrase "secular" music.  The word secular comes from a Greek word meaning, "of the age."  In other words, it originally meant, "contemporary."  It isn't until the Church got a hold of the word that it came to mean, "non-religious."


So Christians dislike music from their own temporal context, huh?  Yeah, that seems about right.

By that definition, Mozart, Louis Armstrong and Alvin & Chipmunks would be considered "secular". How  curious.
Stink.  I guess this means that we have to pull all of our Alvin and the Chipmunks charts from the file and delete the vocal effects from the processor.
Sorry, it's a hard fact my friend. If you have any Alvin and the Chipmunks, you are unholy. Never mind Louis Armstrong, you're beyond help if you have any of his music. And Django or Grappelli? Practically the devil himself.

Fredo, I'd say you've nailed this one, not because you're following the advice of a lot of people (although good advice is always a good thing to search out), but because in your own spiritual walk and ministry, you've searched out God's heart on how best to live, be a witness, and lead your church family. I'd say your congregation is blessed to have you there.



Uh oh, I think this thread is over. I'm shedding a tear, it's been fun. Let's start another one.
no no no no no----This type of thread can't be over until there are at least 100+ replies and some real disagreements take place!!!!!  How about this---what if the event were around Halloween with all the other circumstances being the same?
AHAHAHA!!!  Good one, Michael! :D
Do it.


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