How will you know if a band is a Christian or Not.I mean a real Christian..>.<>> Because some bands say they are but, you can't see a Christian's life in them>..Like some songs are not really for god...Do you think they're just saying they're a Christian Band just to be famous..or Something else..What are your thoughts on that..Bros and SISters..

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They're the one's trying to remove the planks from their eyes.
Funny you should say that. Perhaps I should check myself since most Christian music irritates me too. But in this case, I think that most of it's poorly written, so perhaps I'm only detecting poor quality.
My own favorites for instance like Mark Knopfler or The Band or Otis Redding. Christian music is often missing soul. I'm not sure why.
I didn't say that I don't like worship music, I said I don't like most Christian music. In other words, I don't often listen to Christian radio. Worship music isn't usually entertaing and entertainment music isn't often worshipful.

What "Christian music" tends to do is be a "Christian" replacement for every other kind of music and that doesn't often work. A song about Sonny Liston stands on it's own without needing to be "Christianized". Listening to Mark Knopfler is like opening a history book. But Christian artists don't want to sing about things like that, everything has to be cast into a praise mold.

So worship music is something I don't choose to listen to for entertainment in the car, but it's great when you're in the presence of hundreds of other believers. It was meant for that. That being said, there is a lot of schlock worship music that we don't sing at my church. There is a recent thread about that...
I'm there with you, Stevo, on most Christian music (or most music in general). I am pretty darn picky. Good Praise/Worship is definitely unbeatable for me, though.
Stevo, I don't care what anybody else says; any fan of The Band is OK in my book.
"...but I swear by the mud below my feet,
You can't raise a Cain back up when he's in defeat.

The night they drove ol' Dixie down..."

Lacks content? Really? Sting maybe, but the others no. When's the last time you listened to one of them?

We often say "it's all about the content". If that's really true, why sing it or put it to music?
Hi Jean Maurice,

I'm not so sure I know up from down any more, you raise some valid issues. Here are some challenging questions in response:

- Why is it important to be a Christian band?
- Could a song by Lightnin' Hopkins ever make it onto a Christian album?
- Do you have to call yourself a Christian band to get your music onto the Christian bookstore shelves?
- Is there a list of requirements for calling yourself a Christian band?
- If you listen to Chicago's Christmas Album, can it actually be edifying since they weren't Christians?
- Does Tebow now have to play for a "Christian Football Team"?
- Is Chick-fil-a a "Christian Company" since they don't open on Sundays?
I believe that christian musicians and singers who really desire to live wholeheartedly for God will do just that whether it makes them loved or hated. The word says that no one can serve two masters, he will love one and hate the other. But we see the so called church trying desperately to hang on to both. Jesus also said that you can recognize a tree by the fruit it bears.
Everyone has convictions in their life. Everyone has a line they have determined they will not cross. It's different for everyone. We see some entertainers get saved and change their whole genre of music and give it all to God. Then we see some who remain entertainers. I can't be the judge of their lives. If I drove a beer truck before I was saved, am I supposed to quit delivering beer after I get saved? I can look at some artists like Vince Gill who is a thriving Country artist but has a deep love for God. So goes the thought that some Christian artists may be singing only songs for God but we've seen them stumble.
I do think that some people hold on to things that God may be telling them to let go of but out of fear for the future, they can't. My thoughts are to go with "our" convictions. If something is that important, you'll research it, find out about certain groups and make your decision from there.


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