Peace be with us all!!

My name is Daniel Garvin. I am a member of a christian music group known as Æternal. We have been together for over fifteen years now and have produced four original music CD's. Our ministry is dedicated to unity and getting the Word of God out through song. We visit with churches for Sunday service, fundraising or concert venues. We have also visited with prisons, seniors residences, palliative care residences, schools and some other venues to worship His name.

I am always looking for new churches or coffee houses to visit and share our songs with. There are four members in our group, myself as lyricist, percussion and back-up vocals, Dieter Ferworn is our composer, back-up vocalist and lead guitar player. Mike Amelotte plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals and Paul Despault plays harmonica and sings lead & back-up vocals. If you are interested in checking us out please go to let us know what you think!


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