HELP! can anyone recommend a good website for Christmas Carol Chord sheets or some contemporary arrangements that incorporate them in a worship set. Our Pastor really wants a Christmas Hymn each Sunday during Advent. You can only do "O come let us adore Him" so many times....

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Check out the new Chris Tomlin "Glory in the Highest" Christmas CD, it's the bomb. We're using it for Christmas this year, and the arrangements are eminently doable for most strings or sleigh bells, just contemporary re-workings. It is a bit high though...we went over some of them last night, and will be lowering the keys of some of them for sure.

They have released a chord chart book that accompanies the album, but we write our own (check out chord chart wizard online, it's a free chord program that produces really simple and useable chord sheets, and you can automatically transpose them. It also will search the net for songs and then import the lyrics/chords ready for formatting.

Hope that helps,

Paul Kerslake
I have a couple on my youtube channel with chords, etc.

For example - an additional chorus for the advent hymn Come thou long expected Jesus:

A cool version of God Rest ye merry Gentlemen:

O come o come Emmanual - 4/4 time

It came upon a midnight clear - with additional chorus
Chords superimposed right over the video. Very useful.

thaks for doing this Paul. is a great site for lead sheets of Christmas carols. We discovered a couple of Christmas carols from this site that were really cool that we'd never heard of, notably "Brightest and Best" (Star of the East tune). They aren't "contemporary arrangements", but most old hymns and carols can be made to sound more modern simply by using a more modern group of instruments. You might also experiment with giving the songs a bit of syncopation or a swing feel.

Hope this helps!

Kevin Butler
just go purchase the reader's digest christmas carol book (i forget what the actual title is on the front, we're moving and it's packed away somewhere, otherwise i would go and check). it has everything - secular christmas songs and christian/traditional carols. with chords for all of them.
You know, every year, about this time, I face the same dilema ... Contemporary Music or Christmas Carols. We somehow walk the line ... but I hate the fact that (at least from this standpoint) this causes stress!

We usually don't do all "christmas" music ... but we do a few. Probably the one we like the most is an arrangement of "O Come All Ye Faithful" that is attributed to Kim Hill, Jamie Kennedy and Chris Graffanino. I found the version that Kim Hill does on her christmas album and it has similar chord progressions, but is a little softer than the way we do it. However, that is a great arrangement that we have been doing for several years! I'm just not sure who inspired "our" version of the arrangement.

We always do "Mary did you Know" and last year, we did "Sing, Mary, Sing" (a Jennifer Knap song) ... but both of these are really more "performance songs" that we tend to do for offering rather than in praise and worship time.

I'm going to have to dust off the cob webs and remember some of the other songs we did ... but I don't lead this week so I'm not in that mode yet! Our other worship leader will help jog my memory!

Can't wait to see what other christmas songs some of the rest of you do in a contemporary way!

Get a membership in . They give away more music than I can find time to play. And they sell it as well. The membership is free. They have a lot of the Tomlin Christmas stuff in the free download stuff right now.

I use songselect prolifically. They are affiliated with CCLI, who I'm sure everyone here is properly licenced with right? right?

And last year I bought one big book of 100 carols, and they are pretty intermediate level - carols are not by nature guitar friendly, which is what I play. I'll use that book forever.

When Songselect and my book let me down, I just go on the hunt for chords & lyrics online. i.e. I wanted "Little Drummer boy" and it was not available. So I found a few plages with chords, used those to develop my own arrangement. In this day and age, the hard part if filtering the quantity of music versus finding music!
Lee, I agree with the worshiptogether site. Have been a member for years and enjoy all the free music there. Another site is Musicians from UK colab and post there stuff for all to share. Mps, chordsheets, leadsheets and lyrics all FREE. We use some about 6 of their songs.
Sweet. Great tip. thanks.


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