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It's that time of year again.... if you're looking for fresh new material for Christmas, please have a look at the new "Christmas Songs" album from www.RESOUNDworship.org- 12 contemporary Christmas-themed worship songs all beautifully arranged and produced by Matt and Dan Weeks and mixed by Nashville's Shane Wilson. All our most popular Christmas songs are on there (including On Christmas Day and What Kind of Throne) and there are a couple of brand new songs included as well. 

Hope that's a helpful recommendation - any other Christmas songs / resources you'd like to share? 




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I went youtube surfing the other morning, and this is just my list of what seemed worth going back and taking another look at...

A couple other things I know we'll be using - "This Is Our God" (Tomlin, Reeves), and just the chorus of "Jesus Messiah" that we'll sing at some point while the Advent candles are being lit.  Maybe "All For Love" (Fieldes).

Great list... I was half expecting 'I Need A Silent Night' to be written about Mary and Joseph after having a small baby for a few weeks!

I know it's not a song but it is Christmas themed!...perhaps good for a carol service at church where there may be non-Christians attending...


One of my favorite Christmas albums....

Chris Tomlin "Glory In The Highest"


Well, wish me luck, I'm signing up to tackle "You're Here" by Francesca Battistelli... nothing specifically girly about it, though it may be a little weird hearing a guy sing it.  Anybody else notice that the chorus chords quote directly from the intro to Stairway to Heaven?  And that that particular progression is not at all easy to play in C#m (but that's my best singing key for it).


For those who haven't heard them, Kate Rusby (English folk singer) does some very nice versions of Christmas carols.  Here are three we have used:




Bump.  Time to start prepping those Advent / Christmas songs.

Our church has both a "traditional" service and a "contemporary" service.  The Sunday after Christmas (12/27) the pastor is looking at "lessons and carols" for that Sunday, so I've now officially asked if that could be a single service with the traditional service musicians and the band gets a Sunday off.  Think it's gonna happen, but the pianist for the traditional service is going to be away that week, so they're going to have to find a sub... but they wold have to anyway.

Anyway, bumping this thread to look for more suggestions.  I see I posted a bunch of youtube links last year, songs we never got to, so I'll have to listen to those.  We never actually got around to doing "You're Here" last year, maybe this year it'll show up...

Fantasia Noel!

Its a Christmas Musical that includes the Songbook with Chords and Split Trax for those who have smaller groups.  *Its been put together by WORD Music. 

Purchase through Christian Book Distributors

Here's a video clip of the Songs:


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