Just listening to "God With Us" by mercy me.


It includes the line "Immanuel, God with us" which leans towards christmassy things. But is a generally flippin good song filled with some powerful imagery.


Any others people might not have thought of around this time?

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We're using Here Is Our King by the David Crowder Band.  This is especially effective for us in collaboration with O Come Let Us Adore Him as a call to worship Jesus.

I like that song. David C. stuff always seems to me like you need a pretty quirky band to pull it off right... but maybe I'm preventing a blessing?

Yeah the problem is that a lot of their music is a bit more complex than most worship music you run into.  I find myself having to change a few things in their songs before I lead worship with them.  The congregation at my church gets confused easily!  The problem is, as much as I love the DCB, most of them don't fit for the worship style that works best at my church.  I've tried a few of my favorites and they've had sort of a 'dry' response.  Sad.

You might wanna just look at anything that has the word "shine" in the title, to see if it could tie in with that whole star of bethlehem idea...

I've used "That's Why We Praise Him" and "I Believe In You" by Tommy Walker.  Kind of a stretch, but they work in the right context.  Also "Little Drummer Boy" segues great from "Come, Now Is the Time to Worship".




Singing God with us on Sunday

We are also using Ransom from the Charlie Hall band.

I have used How Great is our God by tweeking the lyrics a bit by adding a verse that goes something like this:

He's wrapped in swaddling clothes

His Mother Mary knows

He's Savior of the world, Savior of the world.

How great is our God, sing with me...

this is a band called the darkness.. they do an awesome Christmas song!!!!   any guitarists out there need to watch this!!!.


We have used As Angels Looked On (James Gregory) in a couple of situations recently. Goes down well.

Believe it or not, "My Glorious" by delerious.  We changed the first line to make it Christmas-y!  Also, O Praise Him, All Bow Down and Here is Our King (David Crowder Band).  Did You Feel The MOuntains Tremble (delerious).  None but Jesus, One Way Jesus, and God of Ages (Hillsong).


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