I was thinking Wednesday night, and I wondered how often we take our church musicians for granted.
I was standing at the keyboard, and I noticed that people were praying for people at the altar during altar call, but how many times do we think to pray for the church musicians. For instance I would have appreciated it if someone had walked over and prayed for me, since I didn't feel I could leave the keyboard to go to the altar. After Pastor dismissed service, I sat down on the step going up to the platform, and just sat there thinking for a minute then got up and left. Sometimes I feel so alone, and it seems like everyone thinks about everyone but me. I know that probably sounds selfish, but sometimes I need prayer too. And no one even notices.

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We were having prayer a couple of weeks ago, and I had somebody come up on stage while I was playing softly and they laid hands on me and prayed. It was really cool!
What I'll say to this? Well, in the tradition of that time, the servants eat last. Get what I mean? I would love it if people would think of praying for me also. Like you, I need prayer too. In fact, I need lots of it (and my wife is loudly chiming in the background "AMEN! That's for sure!")

My comfort is this: while I am serving away, distributing the five loaves and two fishes, and watching other people eat first, Jesus has kept twelve basketfuls for me, and not only me, but for those who have also laboured and set the needs of his people above their own.

Of course, there was once when God chose not to wait. I was playing for a church meeting once and when the pastor was prophesying over people in the congregation, he stopped half-way and said "JJ, God has a word for you..." It's years ago but I still remember it vividly up till now! :)
I feel amazed and blessed that God has gifted me with the ability to play instruments, sing, and write songs for Him. That being said, It can definitely be a very lonely place. What I did was to take the time to recognize a member of the worship team, in public, once a month. "Normal" people (those less fortunate than us who can't play or sing) need to be reminded from time to time of just what it takes to "drive the bus" that takes them from where they are, to where God is.

God bless you, Eudora, and every other worship musician out there.


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