OK, first the background story..... one of our church members recently donated a guitar to me. It used to belong to her husband, who (very sadly) died of cancer a few years back - it has been in her house since then. I think she intended to "do something" with it, but she's just moved house, and realised she just wanted to see the guitar played. It was a touching gift to receive.

The guitar itself is a nylon strung, classical "semi-acoustic" guitar. By "semi-acoustic" I mean that it makes almost no sound at all, unless plugged in; it has a very thin (I think pretty well solid) body, and the sound-hole, such as it is, is blocked off. But it is really nice to play, and has a beautiful warm tone which is a pleasant contrast to the metal-strung folk guitar I usually play.

I fully intend to use this guitar in leading worship - and have actually used it for a few songs already (a couple of carols, and "We bow down" by Viola Grafstrom). It certainly works with quiet, laid back, intimate, worshipful songs. Having said that, one of the carols was "The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy" which is more of a Calypso style. But I'm not sure I could see me using it for everything (e.g. it might not work with the standard four chord soft rock stuff we all do....).

Couple of questions:

1) The guitar model is a Segovia, Session Series SAC-20. I can't find this at all online and I've no idea how old it is. Anyone ever heard of these?

2) Does anyone else out there use a classical guitar for worship leading some, or all, of the time? What sort of songs do you use it for?

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The warm sweet loneliness of a classical guitar is one of its foremost attributes.

So it seems.


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