Does anybody out there like myself that use click tracks to help enhance your worship service? If so How do you do it? And what do you use?

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I am a drummer for my worship team. I have tried to use a metronome with one ear monitor to try to keep the band going steady, but it never works. My team usually drags or speeds up and they tend not to follow me playing drums. I end up following them. Some education and convincing would need to be done for this to work. Perhaps all members listening to the click track would work better? I would like to hear from those who use it successfully with a decent size band.
We use click tracks, we have a Keys, B3, Drums, Bass G, E. Guitar, and a full brass section and choir. about 150 when were all together. We use click tracks for everything. I agree it would help if everyone can hear some of the loop but mainly the drummer. What helps us is we have an aviom system for monitoring. for the rhythm section side (Using in ears) and the brass (Using headphones). Everyone can control there own mix. We used to use an ipod on the platform to trigger the loops. (BY the way I use a loop as a click for the guys they hate the cowbell bell bangin in there ear, and a loop can be mixed into the live mix as where a regular metronome type click can not) Just FYI!
Hi, I´ve once used an electribe ESX (Sampler/drummachine) for adding additional ambient/noise layers (not beats) on some quiet verses (we didn´t have keyboard to do the job : ). Basicly I made it play the same loop over and over, and whenever the song went into a chours, I ajusted the filter cutoff knop to 0, swiched to play my guitar during the chours, and turned the cutoff freqency back up again once the song went back into a verse. Quite simple and worked fine.... but to be honest I´ve never done any real clicktracking at church (yet...!).

I´ve worked with Ableton Live for quite some time, and I would definately like to use it once at church in the nearby future. I´ve used it a cuple of times playing my own music (not at church!) - works like a dream :) The good thing about Ableton Live, is that the sequenzer works as a array of multiple patterns wich you switch between - that way, you still obtain the spontanity and freedom to move around between different parts of the song (chours, verse, bridge etc.) - Of course that requires a "DJ" in your team with a compter and Live (following the worshipleader), and a drummer following the click track. I´d love to try it one day, especially because it gives the abillity to incorporate other genres than the acoustic one - I´d, for myself, love to hear some more electronic elements in the music we play at church.

I´ve also tried to work with Logic. But in my opinion thats more a production tool and not nearly as genius and flexible as Ableton when it comes to live performance. If you´re thinking about "click tracking" (and havn´t got a sequencer yet), go get a free demo of Ableton Live:

(note: I´m not a german salesman trying to infiltrate WTR with Live - I just looove Live and want to share ;)
Have you ever experimented with loops? This is a pretty basic start! J.
Actually I use Digital Performer (D.P) Its great for production and "Live". I can put Markers in which will move where I want with just a click of the button. I use a Mac Laptop, with a MOTU 896 H/D which has 8 ins and 8 outs. The outs are great they are XLR out which does not require conversion with DI Boxes.

What I do is record all the ambient things and all my guitar tracks since I play guitar. I do all the sequencing in DP. and even stack some vocal parts and I mix down to 8 tracks. I then come out of the Lap top with vocals left and right. which is 2 outs. then I do left and right what I cal guitars and pads which is all kinds of stuff which requires 2 outs. Then I have a Brass left and right which is 6 outs and 7 is the monitor track with a mix of everything that I bus through to the aviom system for the guys. and 8 is the actual Loop (or click) thats a total of 8.....outs . This is a fire wire system....I hope this makes sense... J
The MOTU 896 is a really nice piece of equipment :)
I´ve never tried D.P. but it sounds like a good program...

I think my approach to using sequencers/computers in music, maybe more "electronic" than yours. Of course it would be nice to "fill in" for all the parts of the band that isn´t there, but I personally think I prefer a real live band for the "acoustic parts" - I was more thinking of using "click tracking" for adding something that couldn´t be done by traditional acoustic instruments, such as beats, synths, ambience and noize - thus adding something that could make the genre move into electronica/electro.
.. anyways havn´t really tried it at church yet, but i´m looking forward to it :) My goal (at the moment) is to rewrite a couple of old hymns and maybe add some visuals/video along the way. I think it´ll be great fun and refreshing :)

By the way - the setup will be really simple: DJ (Mac), Bass, Drums and a worshipleader (less is more - and easier)
That sounds cool, as you start experimenting please leave me a comment when you post something up I would love to hear it.... By the way i did my complete project on d.p. check out my sight and listen to some of the tracks when you have a sec. Blessing's man... Jermaine
We run it through the monitors in the form of a tamboreen playing 8th notes and a handclap every 16 beats. We've also used the shakers keeping 16th notes for some songs that need that uptempo feeling. This way is keeps us all together, yet sounds like a part of the music.


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