Hello gang, it's been a while.

Thanks to Nathan for getting this going again, blessings to you brother.

I'm Steve Wilson, worship leader at the brand new Access Church in Lebanon, Indiana.

Pastored by our new minister, Dusty Taylor from Terre Haute, Indiana.

Just bought our new building, had our first service last Sunday & we're in the remodeling process.

Looking forward to reviewing all your great posts.

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Welcome back Steve! You're not actually very far from me... and I know your new pastor and his dad (also a pastor). Dusty has played with me (acoustic guitar) a few times at events where I lead worship. He's a great guy and he'll be a great pastor at your church! You need to get him plugged in here at WTR too.

Wow, what a small world. I don't think I've seen you since we visited Brownsville years ago. Glad to see you still serving the Lord & leading worship! All the best you & yours. 


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