Consumer Christianity, foe or friend to the Christian artist?

I came across an interesting article tonight on consumer Christianity that might spark some debate here:

As those who can easily span the gap between the opposite cliffs of worship and entertainment, possibly earning a living from what we do, is our perception of providing to consumers good or bad or just simply 'how it is'?

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This is an area I've felt the need to reflect on a lot. I've been struggling to support a seminar ministry. I'm excited about the two seminars I give and believe they are very much needed by the church. But I've gone in more debt each year. I am hoping to bring some support through recording worship and book writing. I am wanting to remain faithful to what I believe God has called me to say in all three areas, find a bigger audience and actually make some money. I've no designs on getting rich just supporting myself and my ministry. I know to accomplish this I must think about ways to reach the Christian consumer. I just pray God brings success while remaining true to his purpose for me.

To see Christianity as only "convenient", is veered off of The Chief Cornerstone that is our True trajectory.  I gained a better perspective of this (huge problem) with the help of Dr. John Townsend's book -  The Entitlement Cure.   


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