Hi, just wondering if anybody has thoughts or experiences about doing a contemporary Ash Wednesday service.  Our pastor asked me if the band (or just me on guitar) would be interested in doing Ash Wednesday - I wrote back that if it was going to be the usual darkness, somber-ness and ashes stuff, it didn't seem quite appropriate for a band service... we're certainly not the most rock-y band around, but I don't really want to do guitar versions of an evening of Taize music, either. And I just generally don't go to these

Haven't heard back from her and it's been a couple weeks, so maybe she's given up on the idea...

Had a thought today that maybe if we did something where the first half was more of a "Mardi Gras" ("Fat Tuesday") theme that then changed to "Ash Wednesday" toward the end of the service, that maybe that would be interesting.

Brainstorming time, no idea is too weird :-)  I need something I can get excited about doing, that I can also sell to the pastor :-)

Ahh, wait, I'm probably going to be out of town on March 1st, so I won't be able to do this anyway.

But if anybody feels like kicking around some ideas, I'd be up for it... just not gonna happen for me this year...

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